BOOM: After Trump’s ‘FAKE NEWS’ Comment, CNN’s Stocks Take a Hit


Time Warner, which owns CNN, saw the power of Trump’s comments and that of the American people; for that matter. After calling CNN ‘fake news’ at his first press conference since becoming President-elect, the media conglomerate saw a fall in their stocks. This is incredible.


Media conglomerate Time Warner, which owns CNN, saw its stocks fall Wednesday after President-elect Donald Trump labeled the outlet “fake news,” a CNBC reporter says.

According to journalist Carl Quintanilla, the shares took a noticeable dip during the president-elect’s first news conference moments after Trump refused to answer questions from CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta.

Steve Kopack, a social lead for CNBC’s breaking news desk, also stated that shares “fell to session low.”

While the dip was just “1.2%,” Kopack asserted the incident showed the “power of Trump’s comments.”


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