BOOM: Undercover Video Proves Trump is RIGHT About Election Fraud [WATCH]

TRUMP: Well, I’m looking at all of these decisions coming down from the standpoint of identification/voter ID. And I’m saying, what do you mean? You don’t have to have voter ID to now go in and vote and it’s a little bit scary and I’ve heard a lot of bad things. Four years ago, I was hearing a lot of bad things having to do with the Romney campaign where when the vote came out there were some districts that were shockingly different from what they were anticipated to be. I’ve been seeing it and I’ve been hearing it a lot. The whole thing with voter ID identification I think is really – I mean people are going to walk in, they are going to vote 10 times maybe. Who knows? They are going to vote 10 times. I am very concerned and I hope the Republicans are going to be very watchful and I hope the authorities are going to be very watchful. Because I want to tell you – I believe it’s going to, just like Bernie Sanders ‘I said it was rigged,’ well it’s rigged here too believe me. So I just hope the Republicans are going to be very watchful.


Trump enjoys ‘told-ya-so’ moments, so I’m sure he is soaking this one in. Check it out.

An explosive undercover video shows just how startlingly simple it is for anyone to commit voter fraud in Michigan – even when the voter provides no I.D. and falsely assumes the identity of a well-known columnist.

The undercover footage was released Tuesday by Project Veritas founder and pioneering investigative reporter James O’Keefe.

In the video, O’Keefe visits a polling location in Michigan and requests a ballot for Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson.

At the location, workers request O’Keefe’s name, address and driver’s license.

“Oh, you do need a license?” O’Keefe asks. “I don’t actually have my wallet with me. I lost it over the weekend hunting. My license fell out of my pocket.”

He adds, “I didn’t know I needed an I.D.”

“You do,” says the poll worker, who asks, “What’s your address?”

O’Keefe obviously provides an incorrect address, and the poll worker is puzzled because O’Keefe says he lives on “Marietta” rather than “Henrietta.”

The female poll worker calls Birmingham, Michigan, city clerk Laura Pierce for instructions on what to do about a voter with no I.D.

The worker tells O’Keefe: “So you have to fill out the front, and do the back. And then you can vote.”

“Do I need to get an I.D.?” he asks.

“No, vote,” she says, instructing him to simply sign an affidavit on the back “saying you are who you say you are.”

O’Keefe asks her: “If I don’t have a license, how do you guys know I am who I say I am?”

He then tells poll worker he is Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson.

She appears skeptical as she asks, “You’re not, you’re Brian Dickerson?”

The worker explains, “So, if you come in and vote as Brian Dickerson, and another Brian Dickerson comes in, they can’t vote.”

Still doubtful, she asks, “Are you his son?”

“No, no, it’s Brian,” O’Keefe insists.

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