THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING: Konni Burton Takes Wendy Davis’ Seat in Pro-Life Boots


Just a little more salt poured into Davis’ open wound. I like it!

State Senator-elect Konni Burton (R-Colleyville) will step forward as Senate District 10’s next representative in a pair of custom made black leather boots with a “Stand for Life” logo in purple lettering on the front. During Davis’ filibuster, #stand4life became a nationally trending hashtag, and it remains a popular slogan among pro-life activists to use on social media.

Breitbart Texas has been exclusively provided with photos of the boots that Burton will wear on Tuesday. According to Burton, the boots are by Texas Custom Boots, and Vici Media designed the logo.

Burton was well known in her district as a tea party leader and strong fiscal conservative, and her electoral victory received national media attention, as conservative activists cheered the message sent by replacing Davis with not just a Republican, but one who was an outspoken advocate for life and was endorsed by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

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