Boston Tough Guy Stands Up to ANTIFA Thugs in Epic Smack Talking Rant [Watch]

Not many words can describe the amazingness of what is occurring here.

Nor would transcribing everything this Bostonian smack talker said to these Antifa thugs would do this video justice.

Our favorite line of his is, ‘I had milk this morning with my cereal. Does that make me a fascist?’

If you don’t remember, there was a college snowflake who tried to make the argument that milk was racist.

We’re pretty certain he was referring to this ill-gotten-logic.

WARNING: Get ready for some cussin’.

The whole purpose of the Antifa protests was to stand up against racists and fascists.

According to them, that is everyone who supports Donald Trump.

This Boston tough talker brilliantly points out the flaw in their protest.

We need more people who will not cower to their ridiculous claims.

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