BRADLEY COOPER CR*PS ON MICHAEL MOORE: Goes to Army Medical Center to Give Troops the Surprise of a Lifetime

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This is Bradley Cooper taking a metaphorical ‘dump’ on Michael Moore’s head, by treating our troops the way they should be treated; with respect. Classy move Cooper.

Bradley Cooper is making headlines for his intense and incredible portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, credited with being the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history, in the movie American Sniper. The movie officially debuted on January 16. Two days prior to the premiere, actor Bradley Cooper made a special guest appearance at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio for a special preview.

There were 260 service members and staff who participated in the special screening. Joining Cooper for the preview were two veterans Bryan Anderson and Jacob Schick, and Chris Kyle’s father, Wayne.

bradleycooperandtroopsAs the movie was being shown in the auditorium, Cooper signed and handed out t-shirts and movie posters in the Institute of Surgical Research Burn Center Rehabilitation Gym for visiting patients, staff and Warrior Transition Battalion Soldiers.

Cooper transformed himself to take on the role of Chris Kyle, putting on 40 lbs of muscle and watching countless hours of film of Chris Kyle in order to portray him accurately. He said regarding the experience of playing Kyle, “I was terrified when I started. I didn’t know if I could actually get to a place where I would believe that I was Chris [Kyle].”

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