BREAKING: Cleveland Facebook Killer is DEAD

Steve Stephens was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his white Ford Fusion in Erie, Pennsylvania police have confirmed.

Cops found Stephens after getting a tip that his car was parked at a McDonald's near Erie, Pennsylvania reports:

12:51 p.m.

Spectators at the scene of an investigation of Steve Stephens’ apparent suicide in Erie, many streaming video of the scene from their smartphones, were glad the manhunt for the accused Cleveland Facebook killer was over. They said they’d been worried about the safety of local children after first hearing Stephens might be in Erie.

Shortly before Stephens shot himself, police were following his car.

A tip came in shortly after 11am that Stephens’ car was parked at a McDonald’s near the city.

When police arrived, he fled the scene.

A short pursuit ensued. Police then cornered Stephens and while they were getting out to arrest him, he pulled the trigger.

This is a developing story. More information will be released at a later press conference.

We are thankful this man can’t harm anyone else.


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