Clinton Camp Caught Cheating–Hillary is in Deep Sh*t Now

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 9.41.27 AMPike County, Kentucky, may just be the end of Hillary Clinton. Of all the egregious things she has done, voter fraud might just do her in.

The 2016 presidential election has already been filled with election board scandals, controversy, and votes being lost all over the place. Tonight’s primary election in Kentucky is not even fully over as of this writing, but the controversy is truly heating up. At one point, card readers malfunctioned and votes were fully erased from Pike County, Kentucky. This ended up pushing Hillary Clinton ahead of Bernie Sanders and angering a lot of voters.

At one point, Pike County actually had all of their data wiped away and cleared out to represent all zeroes in the vote totals. Upon returning, 20 percent of the total votes were missing and Clinton’s numbers were pushed up over Bernie Sanders.

WKYT reported that the AP had actually “erased all votes from Pike County” and those numbers pushed Clinton back up by over 4,000. The Pike County Clerk’s Office said that there was an issue with one of their card readers, and it ended up causing them to have a delay on their numbers.

WSAZ is now reporting that there are actually 31 Kentucky counties reporting election fraud from Tuesday’s primary. More than 76 reports of election fraud have been received from the 31 counties in the Kentucky Attorney General’s hotline.

Now, some on social media are saying that even though the numbers seem too close to call, Hillary Clinton is still far enough ahead of Bernie Sanders to take Kentucky. The problem here is if the numbers are what they’re supposed to be.

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