BREAKING: Is Hillary Dropping Out?–This CBS Reporter Seems to Think so

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.58.01 AMCBS reporter Hannah Chanpong, who covers the Clinton campaign, tweeted out a message that has caused quite the buzz. After immediately deleting it, she has neither confirmed nor denied she sent it out.

Twitter users have captured what they say was a pretty interesting post from a CBS reporter that claims Hillary Clinton’s staffers were resigning and that she might drop out of the race.

The alleged tweet was sent out Friday afternoon by CBS producer Hannah Chanpong:

deleted tweet

“Source inside Clint. Camp: “Staff resigning & worries of H dropping out” after FBI release,” was all it read.

The original capture of the tweet was made by user “@Always_Trump!

Several reporters and others have asked Chanpong repeatedly about her deleted tweet in the last 36 hours, but she has not responded.

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