BREAKING: Manhunt Begins After Two Cops Were Shot by Man Wearing a…

This man seems to be out of his mind! Hope they find this man before further harm comes to anyone else. Do you think the police were specifically targeted, though?

Officials say two New Hampshire police officers have been shot and a manhunt is underway for an armed suspect.

Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard said early Friday that the two officers were shot at separate locations after 2am, and they are recovering at hospitals and expected to be OK.

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas says the officers ‘seem to be fine’.

‘I saw a man kind of stagger a little bit,’ a witness told WCVB. ‘He staggered a few steps and then he called in that he had been shot. That’s when I realized he was a cop.’

Willard says police are searching for the suspected shooter, described as a white man with long hair who is wearing a trench coat.


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