BREAKING: Trump Reveals his Plan to Destroy ISIS [WATCH]

Sounds like a plan Donald Trump would think up.

Donald Trump is a bold conservative. But he’s not just a conservative on fiscal issues… He is a foreign policy conservative, too! That’s why this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Donald Trump explained his plan to do what President Barack Obama is unable to do: Destroy the Islamic State (ISIS)!

While the other GOP contenders are busy formulating their answers, Trump – in his blunt and direct fashion – explained the perfect foreign policy that has ISIS scared. Instead of targeted strikes and small efforts, he wants boots on the ground and a confiscation of the oil which they use to fund their evil regime. ISIS has become too strong during the Obama era, and drastic action is needed.

This is epic!

Donald Trump: Let me tell you what I would do. I would, they have great money because they have oil. They have much oil. I would, every place where they have oil, I would knock the hell out of them and I would put boots on the ground in those areas. I would take the oil. What you’re doing is you’re cutting off a big portion of their money source. The other part of their money source, by the way, happens to be banks. Money is flowing in through banks in Saudi Arabia and other places. You have to cut that off. But, I would knock out the source of their wealth. The primary source of their wealth which is oil. And in order to do that, you would have to put boots– I would knock the hell out of them, but I would put a ring around it and take the oil for our country. I would just take the oil.

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