BRINGING THE BERN: Convention Tensions Come to BOILING POINT for Democrats–It’s Getting UGLY

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It’s quite interesting to see how both the Democrats and Republicans are seeing a huge change in ‘establishment’ rule. It’s very clear the people of this nation are sick of seeing business as usual. It’s just more entertaining when the dems attack each other.

Gabriel McArthur is heading to the Democratic National Convention in July to serve as a delegate for Bernie Sanders. Screaming and shouting are a distinct possibility from the Sanders camp at the event, he says.

McArthur and other Sanders supporters are approaching the gathering with the enthusiasm that has powered the effort from the start — holding garage sales, delivering pizza and raising money online to pay for their travel to Philadelphia.

But their nerves are raw now over the Democratic Party’s perceived slights against the insurgent candidate and they are clinging to a bygone hope that Sanders can wrest the nomination from Hillary Clinton despite her overpowering lead in delegates.

As these super-fans chant “Bernie or bust,” Democratic officials are growing increasingly worried about dissent, especially after a recent state convention in Nevada turned raucous. Some of the Sanders backers who are going to the convention as delegates for him — and there are more than 1,400 — give party officials little reason for comfort.

“I don’t think we’re going to see a lot of violence, but we are going to see some screaming and shouting if the DNC doesn’t humanize itself,” McArthur, a 24-year-old administrative assistant in suburban Denver, said of the Democratic National Committee. “A little civil disobedience is OK. It’s part of being an American.”

Sanders delegates, in more than a half-dozen interviews, say that while violence is not their goal for Philadelphia, party unity isn’t their priority, either. They don’t believe he has been treated fairly by the party establishment.

“Anything can happen,” said Jesica Marie Butler, 25, a Sanders delegate from Hawarden, Iowa, who volunteers for the campaign and is raising money on for her trip to Philadelphia. “This is a movement. This is a political revolution. It’s getting people involved in the process. We’re going to stick to it.”

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