BRUCE JENNER: Being Transgender is EASIER Than Being a Republican in Hollywood

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 8.37.38 AMOne thing everyone can agree on is that Hollywood is no fan of Republicans or conservatives… even if their supporters are transgender.

By Kipp Jones

After spending the past year living as a woman, reality TV star and Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner concludes that there is only one thing more difficult in Hollywood than changing genders … being a Republican.

Speaking to students at the University of Pennsylvania on Wednesday, the 66-year-old one-time Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year noted that his conservative political leanings have been harder to explain away than his designer dresses and cosmetic procedures.

“I have gotten more flak for being a conservative Republican than I have for being trans,”Jenner said to a student who asked why he is not a Democrat.

Vanity Fair reporter Buzz Bissinger, who authored the publication’s “Call Me Caitlyn” article in which Jenner revealed his new feminine identity last summer, also attended the Penn event.

Bissinger interjected, “Just because you change gender doesn’t mean you change your core beliefs.”

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