BRUTAL: This Cartoon OBLITERATES Obama’s New Gun Control Push

Obama_Gun_Control_RamirezThis is how most Americans feel about this new gun control campaign.

Via Robert Gehl:

In a much-hyped prime-time speech, Barack Obama told the nation he will do absolutely nothing new to defeat ISIS – except push for more gun control.

In the 15-minute speech, the President outlined “four steps” he claims his administration will take to “destroy” ISIS –except they’re the same four “steps” he’s already taking.

First, the military will “continue to hunt down terrorist plotters in every country where it is necessary.” Except Saudi Arabia, Qatar and a host of other countries Obama’s too afraid to deal with.

Second, Obama said he will continue to provide support and training for local forces fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq. This is nothing new – and it’s going oh so well.

Obama’s third “step” is to work with friends and allies (like France and the U.K., but not Russia) to disrupt ISIS operations.

Obama’s fourth step is to find an end to the Syrian War – something he’s been completely impotent on from Day One.

And since Obama promised to do absolutely nothing new, he turned to Congress and demanded – what else? Gun Control!

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