B*TCH PLEASE: Feminist Hags Claim Guns Will do NOTHING for a Woman’s Self-Defense

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From the party who purports women’s rights and independence, leading lady Dianne Feinstein thinks that a woman can NOT defend herself with a gun. There are also the liberal, lefty, trolls preaching ‘rape only last minutes, death lasts forever’.

Yes, those are actual statements made by women.

Taking the overall theme of their message, one would assume that there is no point for a woman ever learning to defend herself because it just won’t work and you shouldn’t kill your attacker because rape isn’t so bad and only lasts a couple minutes.

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Sorry for the language, but seriously… WTH?!

It’s like a rapist paid these women to say this crap. Check the Clinton Foundation bank records, I’m sure there is some connection.

If you, the feminist, think that rape isn’t so bad, then why are there millions of dollars being spent to stop the ‘rape culture’ on college campuses?

If women can’t defend themselves, then how come there are numerous news stories of women, from young to old, who have defended their lives with a gun?

The reality of this situation is that these women calling for gun-control are usually the overprivileged who live in secure areas and/or are walking around with bodyguards who carry guns, so they don’t have to.

I hate to throw facts into this situation but according to Florida University Criminologist, Gary Kleck, 2.1-2.5 MILLION Americans use a gun in self-defense on an annual basis. Call me dumb, but I highly doubt in all those millions there are no women involved at all.

Ladies, don’t listen to these skanks. Just don’t.

Learning how to defend your life is by far the best investment you can ever make.

You see what is happening in Germany. You see how those mobs of ‘Syrian refugees’ are raping and molesting women. And with Obama shipping them in by the bus loads, this is bound to start happening here.

These political types are trying to tell you a gun pointed and firing at these sexual predators won’t stop them or shouldn’t because rape only lasts a couple minutes.

I am here to tell you that is bullsh*t.


About the author: Regis Giles

Regis Giles is the creator and owner of Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.com and is a leading voice for Second Amendment rights, self-defense and conservation. She is the first female black belt out of the Valente Brothers Academy in Miami, FL. Unafraid to speak her mind, Regis takes no prisoners. Her media appearances include: ELLE Magazine, Variety, The Daily Mail, ABC, BBC, CNN, CBS Miami, & Fox News.

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