BUDDY BUDDY: Eric Holder Proud to Keep White House Ties with Al Sharpton, Despite his Tax Debts

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I wonder if Sharpton is going to be audited by the IRS as brutally as the Tea Party was?

At tax time, many Americans might find it pretty tempting to emulate Rev. Al Sharpton. After all, he seems to get by just fine no matter how many taxes he owes and no matter for how long. And he seems to be more of a fixture at the White House than Lois Lerner’s hard drive. Even Politico seems to be scratching its collective head. Politico was where Lois Lerner broke her silence.

And Politico just asked outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, “Is Al Sharpton too close to this White House?” The softball interviewer who had the temerity to make such an outrageous suggestion was Mike Allen, Politico’s chief White House correspondent. That such a question is even being asked by Democrats who rarely question the President is a surprise.

Mr. Sharpton has been accused , for example, by Eric Garner’s daughter, of being all about the money. And yet the reverend and activist owes New York State over $900,000 from 2008 and 2010 taxes, and greater sums to the IRS. With about $4.5 million in tax liens, most taxpayers know they would be pushed and prodded to pay. Mr. Sharpton, however, seems graced by a kind of Teflon liturgical outfit.

Some might be luck, of course. On several occasions he suffered fires that destroyed his records. It is hard not to think of Lois Lerner’s hard drive. Several fires destroyed Mr. Sharpton’s financial records just as he was about to turn them over to officials. But AG Holder sees no problem, though Mr. Sharpton has been to the White House on many occasions. Aside from Mr. Holder, many people have questioned why President Obama would so elevate Rev. Sharpton, particularly since he owes millions in taxes.

Mr. Holder saw no problem with Rev. Sharpton’s proximity to the most powerful man in the world, saying, “The president has a number of people who he listens to, who he interacts with. You know, Reverend Sharpton is a person who has interacted with people within the administration, including myself. But we also hear from people who have, you know, fundamentally different views than Al Sharpton has.”

Not all of the tax problems are new. In 1993, Rev. Sharpton pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for failure to file a state tax return. His Raw Talent operation which he uses for speaking engagements has reportedly also had tax problems. But beyond these smidgens, Mr. Sharpton has never faced criminal tax-related charges. He has been marvelously successful in explaining that he is simply in over his head.

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