Buffalo Bill’s Personal Armory

~ Buffalo Bill’s (William F. Cody) personal pair of Remington firearms: Remington rolling block rifle, serial number 3, with select walnut stocks, engraved and plated. Presented to Buffalo Bill Cody by Elisha Green, Philo Remington’s son-in-law during a visit to the Remington factory in ilion, NY in 1874 – about the time the photo was taken. The revolver is a Remington New Model Army, serial numb
er 73293, used by Cody during his years as a scout, Indian fighter and buffalo hunter. A gift from Cody to his long-time friend Charles Trigo. The note in Cody’s handwriting on his business card says: “This old Remington revolver I carried and used for many years in Indian wars and Buffalo killing. And it never failed me. W. F. Cody Dec 13th 1906.”~ From Facebook’s Hunting Page

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