BULLET HOLES & BLOOD: The Demented Journal of the NY, NJ Jihadist

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-7-16-30-pmThis man’s journal is very disturbing. It’s hard to believe that no one knew he had been radicalized. Check out what he wrote below.

A picture has surfaced showing the bloodied and bullet-ridden journal the chicken shop terrorist was carrying when he was arrested after a shootout with police.

In the first released photo of the diary, the notebook is seen opened and laying flat to a page with handwritten text on one side. A large rectangular chunk is missing from the middle of the notebook, indicating it was pierced with a bullet.

While the ink has bled due to water or blood, it is still possible to make out the names of two terrorists on the page, including Anwar al-Awlaki, an al-Qaeda leader who was killed in a drone strike in Yemen in 2011.

Ahmad Rahami’s reference to al-Awlaki was first mentioned in the criminal complaint about the 28-year-old home-grown terrorist.

Curiously not mentioned in the criminal complaint though was Rahami’s reference to ‘Brother Adnani’ – believed to be Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, an ISIS spokesman who was killed on August 30.

Rahami also gave praise to Osama bin Laden and Nidal Hasan, the soldier who killed 13 people at Ford Hood in 2009, in other parts of the journal not seen in the picture.

FBI investigators have been hesitant to connect Rahami to any larger terror organization so far, despite the New Jersey man’s frequent travels back to Pakistan and his home country of Afghanistan in recent years.

'Death To Your OPPRESSION,' Ahmad Khan Rahami wrote of the US government in his diary, which praises the likes of Osama bin Laden and accuses America of 'slaughter' in the Middle East

It’s still unclear whether he learned how to build the bombs alone, or if may have received training from a larger organization during these frequent trips.

What’s evident is that he at least sympathized with groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS due to the other very anti-American sentiments written in the journal.

 ‘You (USA Government) continue your [unintelligible] slaught[er] against the mujahidean be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Sham [Syria], Palestine…’ Rahami writes in one passage.

In the journal, he spoke of his fears police would catch him before he had the chance to carry out a suicide attack.

‘The FBI & homeland security [unintelligible] looking for me…[unintelligible] my heart I pray to the beautiful wise ALLAH. To not take JIHAD away from. I beg [unintelligible] for shahadat [martydom] & inshallah [God willing] this call will be a[n]swered.’

Prosecutors say the document ends: ‘The sounds of the bombs will be heard in the streets. Gun shots to your police. Death To Your OPPRESSION.’

Meanwhile, court documents also show that Rahami was actually recorded performing a test run of a pipe bombs in his back yard just two days before the attacks

Federal prosecutors will claim video recovered from a family member’s cell phone shows Rahami conducting a ‘dry run’ before the bombing. Manhattan bombing suspect Ahmad

Footage shows him igniting incendiary material in a cylinder and a fuse being lit followed by loud explosion and billowing smoke, as laughter is heard in the background, court papers say.

Rahami has been charged with federal counts of using a weapon of mass destruction and bombing public places.

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