BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT: Burns Ranchers’ Land, Cattle and Homes [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.59.37 AMWouldn’t put it past the government to do this. Unbelievable.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is showing they have no rules to follow and no regard for either animal or human life, in the video the BLM is burning the land around Prince Glenn, Oregon, and telling ranchers and farmers to stand down and if they attempt to stop the fire they will be arrested.

Meanwhile in the video, Oregon land owners, neighbors and citizens try to scramble to save their belongings and the life of their cattle. Folks can see these cows burned alive while the BLM federal workers start more fires in the background, including one while the film is rolling. Clearly, the BLM is not putting out the fire they are starting them and you can see the government worker suited up. This unsupervised incident charred a ranchers home and burnt his cattle alive in their corral, not to mention the danger to the land owners themselves. Another rancher lost 11 cattle trapped in their corrals during the night.

BLM burns land and cattle. (Fire starts at 3:20) The video was taken in July and on on Jan. 4, Oregon citizens began protesting by occupying the Mulheur National Wildlife Refuge to have their voices heard by the people and others in the government. They are receiving support of many in the nation.

These residents are terrorized by U.S. government officials and threatened if they try to stop the fires. Clearly, their is corruption and the Feds are taking an “in your face” approach daring folks to do anything to stop them. This is one of the reasons the citizens and neighbors of the Hammond’s marched to the Malheur County court house in Burns, Oregon, about 280 miles from Portland, to protest against the government corruption and destruction of life and property the people and their livestock are suffering in the area.

In July just days after the Hammond family were re-sentenced for arson the government starts burning the land. The Hammond fire was a regular backfire that got out of control and the BLM charged them as “Arsonal Terrorists” because it spread onto BLM lands. The government wants the Hammond properties and will do anything to get it.

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