CALIFORNIA: School District Bans the Drawing of…

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.27.49 AMReligion was never discussed in grade school. Now all of a sudden deep studies into Islamic beliefs is a common thing. What gives?

The assignment was not meant to mock Muhammad or insult Muslims. It simply involved drawing pictures related to various Islamic terms: Koran, Mecca, Muhammad. The banning of images of Muhammad even at this level and with this intent is kowtowing to violent intimidation, which will only encourage more of it, and accepting Sharia restrictions on the freedom of speech. Neither one bodes well for the future of the Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District, or of the nation at large. Most political, religious, and media leaders, however, are eagerly jumping on this bandwagon, selling out our freedoms in a short-sighted and ill-considered attempt to avoid “insulting” Muslims and “poking them in the eye.”

“CA District Bans Depicting Religious Leaders After Middle Schoolers Draw Muhammed,” by Trey Sanchez, Truth Revolt, November 5, 2015 (thanks to Bob):

Drawing Islam’s Prophet Muhammed has been banned in a California school district after 7th-graders were given an assignment that asked them to sketch images related to the religion.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, a parent complained when her son brought home the vocabulary assignment that had terms about Islam printed (Koran, Mecca, Muhammed) with space provided to draw related pictures.

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