brick in the wallClaiming it was a “safety policy,” California elementary public school principal Dana Carter instituted a policy that required his students to “kneel down on one knee and wait for the principal or another administrator to dismiss them.”

One parent claimed that her daughter was forced to kneel before the principal “like a king” with her hands at her side until Carter came out, lifted his arms, and told students to go to class.

Apparently, this happened at various times throughout the school day.

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  • rick0857

    Talk about an OBAMA COMPLEX if this administrator isn’t fired and sent somewhere for psychiatric treatment immediately someone’s head should roll!!!
    But alas because of TEACHERS UNIONS this COMRADE WILL GET TO KEEP THEIR JOB und continue to terrorize ze little children of that district. Und dat izt all THE BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES.

    • DJ_Fisher

      My question is, who died and left the unions as God?

  • Freedomforall

    It is time to depose this “king” principal and beat him with a ruler until he is senseless and will require assistance just to get up. This is the kind of liberalism affecting our public school systems. All parents should pull their children out of this socialist/communist brain washing system. Let these union teachers teach empty classrooms.

  • bjreg3

    Ah, liberals. They screw up everything, mess up the education system and now they want to be worshipped. The NEA should be disbanded.

    • DJ_Fisher

      We need to defund EVERY agency except Social Security, period. Eventually after morality returns we wouldn’t even need SS. MORALITY.

  • SniperToo

    I wonder if the principle is a Muslim dog, like the Dictator in the white house of shame????? Parents better start demanding their control and power back and
    storm these rotten mafia schools. Fire the principle and stop this garbage. It’s out of control. It needs to stop, Parents, go find your back bone. What the heck is wrong with you ALL?

  • Derekf900

    It’s California…..Nothing is sacred in the state of loonies. When you have persons in the U.S. White House and a loony tune cross gender school bathroom advocating Moonbeam Gov. in the state of California who think they are kings this makes perfect sense.

  • noweareman

    I had to kneel during school but that was when we said the daily PRAYER to GOD!!!
    (Catholic School straightened me out!)

    • SniperToo

      Thank you for saying that. This is exactly what is wrong with the public schools today. They expelled God from the schools. I was born in Oklahoma and at the age of 3, my parents moved to Southern California. I grew up and attended all school levels through college, than Vietnam rose it’s ugly head. But this is what I experienced in all grade levels. First of all every Monday through Friday, mornings, in school, we (including the teacher) said the pledge to our flag with God in it. If there were any atheist, etc., who didn’t want to say the pledge with God in it, the teacher would tell them to SIT down and than after the pledge, t the child was taken to the school principle. The parents were called in and was told that if your child refuses to say the pledge with God in it; than find a Godless school. I kid you not. Either the child complied or left the school for good. Of course this was years ago, I graduated from High School in 1967. But God was still alive and well in California, now they have expelled him from that state. What a shame. My salvation is that I am a firm believer in “what goes around, comes around” and it will come back three fold and hit them with a ton of bricks. Now living in Oklahoma, again, and wouldn’t return to California if they paid me all the tea in China.

      • DJ_Fisher

        God is alive and well everywhere, but the Body of Christ have turned into a bunch of PC wimps who are worried about pleasing the media and the leftist tyrants.

  • Ginger

    And this principal is still employed why??????

    • Doc

      Because he, and all his henchmen are protected by the teachers unions, the Congress, and the liberal parents in Californication.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Empowered by that inept, corrupt and useless NEA. Abolish the NEA now!

  • Breeze13

    I kneel to no one except one true God.

  • sbruce1154

    If he made my children get on their knees I would knock him on his ass.

    • Doc


  • raccman

    Only in “Calee fornya” – Land Of Fruits and Pompous NUTS ! The Loonies run the show here along with the Loony Teachers and their Loony Unions !

  • DJ_Fisher

    If this punk did this to one of my kids I’d do the same to him/her in front of the whole school. Only instead of lifting my arms for him/her to get up I’d kick his/her ass over and watch all the kids laugh their asses off. What the hell is the matter with “public servants” now a days? Just because we are letting Obama screw our nation in the butt doesn’t mean they all can. Enough is enough, and it is high time that we turn things back right side up.

  • Doc

    Once again I need to point out teachers ain’t what teachers used to be! Today teachers are our enemies. They are there to spread socialist propaganda and to teach children to be “subjects” not citizens. Aside from this particular nut case (who should have a restraining order issued against him) teachers in general believe it is their job to project the communist agenda. The are “shaping” the minds of our children to believe the Constitution is a “old tired document” and the rules and concepts set forth therein are not to be respected. They ignore the 2nd Amendment and push (really hard) to punish any child who even says “gun.” They teach your children to believe in big government; to disavow truth, justice, and the American way. They continually mold our children by saying they are not significant individuals but are a part of the bigger, better, social justice organizations. Anyone leaving their children in public schools today is guilty of child neglect and endangerment.

  • jim_wright


  • chargerfan

    When I was in Jr. Hi. (ah, so many years ago) the girls counselor made some of the girls kneel down before her, only to check that their skirts touched the floor. Then they would go into the restroom and roll the waist back up. LOL

  • Sgt Snuffy

    KNEEL BEFORE ZOG !!! Wow I Like it !! That’s probably one of the first things Bradly Manning will hear from his new Cell-Mate. “CELL-MATE” get it?? Cell “Mate”! Oh I just slayed me on that one. Seriously folks, why did it take the parents so long to raise a stink about this matter?? Were the students threatened?? If so the parents should demand that the offending principal and all the admin people involved be fired and stripped of their pension. Just wishful thinking there folks. Parents and students are so cowed by the teachers Unions now a days that they can get away with anything from forcing kids to eat semen to out right pedophilia( incidents like these occurred in California Public Schools) and they get away with it. In the past if things like this happened they were tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail, if they were lucky that is to survive what the local citizenry could dish out.

  • ElderAmbassador

    This is one Seriously ill person! She needs to be institutionalized immediately if there is to be any hope for recovery. Near MY child? NEVER!

  • Sleeping Bear

    It sounds as the mentally ill are running the schools, state, and the government. Sad part is the parents are allowing this act to happen and how the mentally ill get to the White House.

  • mudslide

    Ahhh, but look at the bright side – it’s KKKaliphoney where gay history is mandated in school now and transgender sports is the norm!

  • raygun

    Allah the great one has arrived and it is a school principal

  • jaybird

    What happened to getting in lines when a group was going somewhere at school?? Never bow down, that was stupid of him. Sounds like conditioning to surrender your liberties as you get older.

  • Pilgrim

    This article doesn’t give the whole story. The students were not
    required to kneel before the principle. They were required to drop to
    one knee before being dismissed to their class. This article makes it sounds like the kids are required to bow to the principle – quite an exaggeration. The rule didn’t just apply to the principle, but to whoever was acting in authority at the time. I personally think schools today need more discipline and this is a step in the right direction. I was disappointed that the school bowed to an over reaction and dropped the rule.

  • foxxybey

    Tell the little goddess to kneel down which someday she will do before Christ.

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