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Kristen Iglesias is a God-fearing, gun-loving, pro-life, pro-family, American patriot. As a first generation American, she realizes the importance of the Second Amendment because of her family’s experience living in a communist country. She is currently a college student and also works with crisis pregnancy centers and other children’s ministries. She is South Florida native and lovin’ every moment of it.

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  • glsnj

    Actually they are gun free zones because the PROGRESSIVE instructors feel safer spewing their indoctrination without fear of being stopped…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=554877352 Steve Huber

    I’ve said it since Virginia Tech, a gun free zone is nothing but a free fire zone for anyone with an ax to grind….

    • Saltporkdoc

      Yep, nothing but a “target rich environment”!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.jacobsen2 Ken Jacobsen

    Kristen, you are right on target.

  • jerry sweet

    we need more like her,but instead we get liberal far left thinking idiots who apparently like the thought of someday being used for target practice.my younger brother was threatened with violence from 5 brave school mates in a small washington state town in 1967.the next day he goes to school with my step dads 38 special.he at one time was an oregon state cop.anyway at about 10 am,these very brave bullies announced to the class that at lunch period they were going to beat down my pistol packing brother.these are 8th graders. mind you so some of these kids?are pretty big.the teacher mind you just tells these brave bullies to be quiet.nothing about the threat she just heard.so what does a scared and mad younger brother do,he stands up,pulls out a fully loaded 38 S&W special and tells the bullies i am going to kill every one of you idiots.well as you can imagine all hell broke loose. one bully wet his pants,another tried to bail out of the window,and the teacher was screaming as she ran down the hallway to the principles office,after all she isn’t going to get hurt protecting her students.anyway cops come rolling in about all on the force that day. told my brother (please) lower the weapon and they took him home ,talked to my dad,gave him back his 38 and asked that this not happen again.they didn’t even suspend my brother.but for the rest of the school year not one bully ever braced him again.this is a true story.i was there.the town is Wenatchee Washington.it happened in october of 1967.it should still be in police records,and/or the local paper.we were apple pickers because ronald reagan as governor of california stopped all funding for dam and road building,my dad had to feed us.they picked apples after he quit the osp force.my point is this.no one got hurt.a school learned the hard way some just won’t be bullied and i guess the moral of the story is,man have we come along way in the the land of stupidity when our brave leaders won’t let innocent students protect themselves,in a life/death situation.but i must remember the leaders and school officials are not the targets.so like the teacher in wenatchee who hated apple picking trash,these colleges just don’t care.how many school shootings have taken place in the past.if the pervert knows they could be shot DEAD less and less of these very brave murderers would be shooting UNARMED students.if anything at least the perverts should target the school administrators.after all it has to be more fun to shoot a barrel full of idiots than students who just want to learn..don’t believe the school gun story,do some research,it happened just as i told it.what just about 23 years later school shootings seem to become a favorite sport.man i hate stupid,but i know except for the grace of God i too would be a stupid idiot

  • Saltporkdoc

    I know the article is about and intended to highlight college campuses, but remember all tose areas where horrific shootings have occurred: movie theaters, shopping malls, athletic fields even churches, ALL have been declared “Gun Free” zones. With all the data now available, some of which was cited above, I find it reprehensible and stupid that my state (Ohio) permits a business to “opt out” of permitting law abiding and legally licenced armed citizens to carry on their premises simply by posting a sign at their entrance that firearms are not permitted! As a former police officer of 14 yrs and a legally licensed to carry person
    does a business make me incompetent to carry by crossing its threshold? No, just another target. What is needed is to go to the original intent of the Second Amendment and have universal concealed carry everywhere! (Even the Post Offices have these signs posted on them. Remember when a shooting rampage used to be called “going postal”?)

    • jerry sweet

      i agree.i too am a former leo.altho only as a reserve,but i was uniformed,badged,and carried a service revolver of 357 magnum as my duty weapon.we carried all the time.it was not against city police policy to not allow reserves to ccw.i guess if they trusted us to ride with a training officer we could be trusted to ccw

  • Kevin LaCour

    The police motto, “when seconds matter, we are minutes away!”

  • jerry sweet

    things have changed in so many ways since i was in my 20’s.the whole america i grew up in is now upside down.i mean men were just that men.we did not go around in rat packs to bully some one,altho there were those bullies who had their little following.but if we fought we either beat each other up or if you were really tough you just beat up you opponent.even cops of yesterday were different.they had courage and not just because they were armed.i told a cop friend of mine a few short years ago about the school gun incident in Washington father down in comments.he actually told me if he had of responded and seen my brother holding a gun in a class room he would have shot and killed him.i promptly told him,wrong, he would have drilled this cop friend of mine right thru his eye ball.my friend did not like my answer to his thug mentality. now i still respect leo’s who are truly men of honor.but we were taught to shoot hand guns,rifles and shotguns from the time we were old enough to handle the responsibility.my step dad was a former oregon state police and a marksmen with any weapon.all of us can hit a fly at a hundred yards and in a fire fight can pull, point and drill a target with out ever using sights.my brother went on to hate cops.(another story) he learned of a kidnapped young college girl being raped and tortured up the road from him and he calls the county sheriff and is told they are aware of it but its dark and would not allow any officers to be in danger/my brother cussed him for the cowards they were,and went and rounded up 3 close friends.they got to house,too late.the perverts had fled with the girl and on the way to redding calif.made her get out of the van completely naked and snow covered terrain and shotgunned her in the stomach and fled.the cops when they did show up found the remains of her college friend chopped up and buried in 6 holes.they were caught and the head wanna be biker got life. the home owner got 25 to life after plea bargains and the rest of prosecutorial stupidity they come up with.this made the now defunct publication detective magazine 1982.what they did not get were some hand grenades and assault rifles from an armory job.my brother got them.he later threw them out of his car as highyway partol were coming and he thought they would stop him.someday some grenades are going to go off in the high desert south of alturas calif. off 395 hiwy.no you did not pull a weapon on my brother.he would kill you before your brain could register what happen.no spray and pray,shoot once and take out the target.He’s dead now.a heart attack at 55 .i was a little more forgiving as i would ,if given the chance to stop aggression in other ways i would use them.but i was shot and blown thru a door with a 41 magnum.these guys who say a bullets knock down power won’t do that.yeh try taking a hit and learn how stupid that is.anyway my point is.defend your life.don’t concern yourself with what clothing the perps are wearing.shoot to kill.its your life.save it!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ed.haworth1 Ed Haworth

    shootem in the gut . I would rather call the morgue than the cops any day !!

  • Idadho

    When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away. I hope they bring those yellow tarps with them to hide the evidence. As soon as the police clear the area, the fire department can wash away the evidence so the anti-gun crowd can feel safe again.

    We need to remember the Two Rule system.

    Rule One. Since guns are outlawed, there will be no gun violence.
    Rule Two. Since guns are outlawed, if there is gun violence, remember Rule One or blame it on Bush.

  • auhunter

    Yep, a girl with her head screwed on straight.

  • Orestes

    Very well written and thought out!!! Continue to fight the good fight on this and other conservative issues.

  • oldguy 1587

    The whole idea of unarmed victim zones is to make a safer workplace environment for criminals. After all, it is never the criminal’s fault. They are always ‘misunderstood’, got in with a bad crowd, had a bad childhood, or some such. And they’re always just about to turn their lives around.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.weiker Adam Edward Weiker

    You can’t expect ignorance to see reason

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