CARLY FIORINA: Exposed Hillary as a ‘Liar’ with Three Devastating Words [WATCH]

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Immediately after her performance in Thursday night’s first Fox News debate, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina faced off with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in a contentious debate over her use of the word “liar” to describe Hillary Clinton.

“You called Hillary Clinton a liar tonight on a number of occasions. Do you want to explain why you would use such a, almost end of conversation term for your possible opponent next year?”

“Because it’s true.” Fiorina replied. “You know, one of the things that I think people are tired of in politics, and Republicans do it as well, is we don’t use common-sense language. We talk in sanitized sound bites. I don’t, but most politicians do.”

She went on to add, “By any standard common-sense measure, Hillary Clinton has lied, about Benghazi, about her emails and about her server.”

Matthews, looking a little stunned, pressed: “You really think that’s a way to engage in a debate, to call your opponent a liar? I’m astounded by that judgment of yours.”

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