WHY I CARRY: Abusive Ex-Boyfriend was Responsible for Nadia Ezaldein’s Death at Nordstrom Shooting

RE NORTH BRIDGE HWhen you have an abusive ex-boyfriend you get a gun, not a piece of paper for protection.

A student who was shot by her ex-boyfriend at a busy Nordstrom store on Black Friday has died a day after her family had planned a surprise dinner for her birthday.

Nadia Ezaldein, 22, was a seasonal worker at the downtown Chicago branch, was gunned down by Marcus Dee, 31, on Friday before he turned the gun on himself.

Her family have revealed that Dee, who was declared dead at the scene, put the woman through months of ‘psychological torment’.

They had flown in especially to surprise the law student, who was studying at the University of Chicago, for her birthday. She had taken the job so she could afford her tuition fees.

The woman’s brother told the Chicago Sun-Times: ‘I would say there was a lot of emotional traumatizing phrases and words. It was a very strange circumstance.’

Miss Ezaldein had moved to Chicago from Florida in 2009 to start studying law.

The victim’s sister told the paper that the pair had been dating between August 2012 and December 2013. She claimed he had been abusive throughout the relationship and after the break-up.

They tried to get legal protection after Dee constantly called and texted the entire family.

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