CASEY ANTHONY’S PROSECUTOR: Jeff Ashton Not Only was Busted on Ashley Madison, but He was Found Doing This Too… [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 8.37.29 AMThis guy is in one hell of a mess.

At Sunday’s dramatic press conference at the Wyndham on International Drive – where he admitted to visiting to feed his curiosity – Orange/Osceola State Attorney Jeff Ashton was asked a strangely specific question of if he used other dating and/or swinger websites to facilitate the idea of extramarital affairs.

He answered something to the effect of – “I don’t even know how to answer that.” The full video clip of the press conference is below.

Later, he was asked what email address was utilized to log into, and he refused to answer. He was asked if he had ever had an affair, and denied any in person encounters.

East Orlando Post was the first to break the story that has been profiled around the world. As part of our detailed research, we have determined that the email address utilized for payment purposes on was [email protected]

Through further research, the East Orlando Post has discovered an account on with the username “Barry5515” – with a “G” (Group) ending the username – suggesting that he was posting on behalf of himself and another party.

This means Ashton was potentially untruthful at the press conference, because a profile appearing to describe his professional and personal life can be found on A screenshot of that profile can be seen below. You can also visit the profile through an internet archive system by clicking here.

On the “Barry5515” profile, there appears to be evidence that suggests that the duly elected and sworn state attorney of the 9th Judicial Circuit, Jeffrey L. Ashton, was untruthful during his Sunday afternoon press conference.

First, it is worth noting that the account was established on November 30, 2013. Mr. Ashton was 56 at the time. The account lists “Barry5515” as being 56. Furthermore, this was the time period during which Mr. Ashton has admitted to being on, feeding his curiosity about extramarital affairs.

The couple says they live in Winter Park. Mr. Ashton lives in Winter Park. Somewhat surprisingly, it says that it was last visited this week. It is simply not believable that this is a coincidence, although we would welcome a denial from Mr. Ashton.

From the bio at the link posted above:

“We are friends, married to other people, who do not and would not be interested in any erotic adventure. We realize that some do not agree with our situation, and we respect that.”

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