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  • The Best and the Rightest

    The Best and the Rightest

    A new generation of conservative women is stepping forward to dis feminists and cheer low taxes, guns, and motherhood. Nina Burleigh reports on how these “Baby Palins” are going to reshape the 2012 presidential election.

  • Hunting and Shooting Industry Targets Women for the ‘Sarah Palin Effect’

    Hunting and Shooting Industry Targets Women for the ‘Sarah Palin Effect’

    Giles, who calls herself a conservationist and a believer in the Second Amendment, tries to practice the “fair chase hunt,” in which a hunter does not have an improper advantage over an animal. For example, she has introduced female friends who have never hunted to hunting hogs with spears.

  • Women Define Their Own Roles

    Women Define Their Own Roles

    If men historically have dominated the scene, women are crowding them out. And they are turning our familiar archetypes inside out.

  • Regis Giles At CPAC

    Regis Giles At CPAC

    I have known Regis Giles and followed her journey for about 2 years or so after meeting her on Facebook and also did some work for her sister Hanna on Facebook during the Acorn undercover […]


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