CAUGHT IN THE WEB: ‘Nuke Deal’ Kerry Might Have Gotten Away with His Lies if this Wasn’t Released [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 9.30.14 AMPoliticians act as if video cameras and e-mails don’t exist in the world and we just have to take them for their word.

In light of the clearly fact-challenged testimony Secretary of State John Kerry gave to a Senate committee on Thursday, one can reasonably ask three questions about why almost all the news media ignored the easily exposed falsehoods:
1. Have we become so accustomed to lying, deception, and duplicity from the Obama administration that a few more fibs aren’t all that newsworthy?
2. Does the vast majority of so-called “reporters” not have enough perspective or awareness of historical context to recognize lies when they’re told?
3. Are most media outlets so sympathetic to the Obama administration and its aggressive push for the Iran nuke deal that they’re willing to look the other way and not point out when a top Obama official fails to tell the truth to the United States Congress?

As the website NewsBusters points out, Fox News’ Special Report was the only major news show to focus on Kerry’s misleading testimony Thursday to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The nation’s chief diplomat appeared for several sometimes contentious hours before the panel as he tried to defend the Iran nuclear pact that’s come under bipartisan fire.

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