CHECK IT: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Leaves Memory Burn on how he Just Annihilated Obama’s Failed Policies [VIDEO]


Barack Obama is coming under withering and sustained fire from U.S. military experts who say in no uncertain terms that the president’s defense policies are a failure.

Before Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn retired in the summer of 2014, he was the top guy at the Defense Intelligence Agency. So Flynn’s stinging criticism of the Obama administration’s sputtering terror-fighting efforts carries significant weight.

The Daily Beast says that Gen. Flynn leveled his harsh charge against the administration’s anti-terrorism policies at a Washington industry conference. He reportedly told the gathering of special operators and intelligence officers that, under Obama’s leadership, U.S. efforts to combat al Qaeda and the Islamic State have been paralyzed by the complexity of the fight.

Flynn further blasted the Obama administration, saying, “You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists.”

He said the administration is unwilling to admit the scope of the problem, naively clinging to the hope that limited counterterrorist intervention will head off the ideological juggernaut of religious militancy.

He also slammed the administration for refusing to use the term “Islamic militants” in its description of ISIS and al Qaeda.

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