CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE: College Puts Up Bulletin Board That Slams Christian and White Students


This girl cyber-bullied when she stood up to bullying. I thought college campuses preached tolerance and equality. Maybe this one is an exception to the rule, right?

A student at Appalachian State University says she was cyber-bullied after she called out a dormitory’s “Check Your Privilege” bulletin board.

The board showed memes to depict so-called white privilege, heterosexual privilege, Christian privilege, and able-bodied privilege, among others.

A female student, Laurel Littler, objected to the board’s apparent shaming, so she posted a photo of it on her Facebook page and was surprised to receive some harsh responses.

Her post was picked up by the website Campus Reform and after that, she says she was the victim of “tons of cyber-bullying.”

Read more: Fox News Insider

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