Chelsea Clinton Embarrasses Herself (AGAIN!), This Time With A Tweet About Planned Parenthood

Oh Chelsea, when will you learn.

Everyone is telling Trump to get off Twitter. Maybe they should start telling Chelsea the same thing.

Recently, Iowa defunded Planned Parenthood. Defunding them at the state level has caused four Planned Parenthoods in the state to close down (AMEN!).

Naturally this caused many liberals to lose their minds. That includes the former first daughter.

Well, we never thought about that! How will those women ever find another health provider?!

Oh, wait a minute…

Hmmm, looks like Iowa, along with pretty much any other state that chooses to defund the abortion mill, will be just fine.

The only “care” Chelsea has is about abortion. And that’s not real care at all.

Chelsea, do yourself a favor and think before you tweet.

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