Chelsea Clinton Falls For Bannon’s Joke — Goes On Bizarre Twitter Rant


Not if you are around Chelsea Clinton anyway. The grouchy woman took offense to a joke reportedly made by White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

There was a report in the Atlantic about the scaling back of White House press briefings. In it, a text message from Bannon to a reporter asking why fewer briefings were being held on-camera.

“Sean got fatter,” Bannon reportedly said.

Now, most of us would laugh. Most of us would understand this was a joke. But Clinton 3.0 wasn’t having any of it.

She accused Bannon of “fat-shaming” Sean Spicer.

It was a joke. It had to be. No need to get all twisted up about it.

But Chelsea just doubled down.

Everyone, you may never joke again. (That’s what would have happened if Hillary had been elected.)

When a commentator suggested the tweet was a “PR-managed response from the humor-impaired left,” Clinton didn’t take the easy exit. She made sure everyone knew the tweet was from her.

Well, isn’t that heroic of you…or something like that.

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