Chick Claims She is ‘OPPRESSED’ and Shaves Her HEAD… Pays $50K in University Tuition

I don’t know about you but when I attended university, price was a factor. Scholarships were a must.

For “social justice warrior” Yvonne Nguyen though, price doesn’t seem to be an issue since she’s going to a university with $47,616 annual tuition.

Despite this fact, she is claiming that she is oppressed. Well, this ought to be good.

Nguyen decided to shave her head to fight “oppressive gender norms.” Because of “hair privilege.”

Here, we’ll let her explain what that is, via her Facebook post.

“Daily, for over the past two years, I’ve wanted to shave my head. Society’s gender norms have tried to define me, my actions, thoughts, my feelings, and my dress. I am oppressed. But, I’m not going to stand for it anymore.”

And for her second reason, the student said she wanted “to show solidarity for cancer patients and those with alopecia, I would like to remember the privilege I have in terms of being able to grow my hair out. I am privileged.”

Wait, weren’t you just oppressed? And now your privileged?

Oh, she wasn’t done just yet, though. She has a third reason. She wanted to to “dedicate” herself fully to “social justice.”

All of those added up in a liberal’s brain equal shaving your head.


Then she made a video, and added another reason! She cited “undocumented immigrants” as the inspiration for the shave. Watch the video below and if you find the connection, please tell us. Because we have no clue.

After the haircut, Nguyen wrote an op-ed for her school paper:

Over the past few years, I would cut my hair, but each time I was told by others that I didn’t look like a “true girl” until my hair was long, straight and silky. Small and constant comments about how to play the role of my gender were burdensome. I never felt like I would be fully accepted for being my true self. Throughout my life, I was told how to look, think, feel, act and be a girl in order to “fit in.” Society’s oppressive gender norms bound me. Shaving my head enabled me to be reflective of the ways society forces me to conform to labels that I didn’t choose. Shaving my head liberated me, as I allowed myself to be faithful to my values and genuine self. 

One must forgo some of their undeserved privileges to provide justice for others. Are you willing to shave?

I will not. I’d rather test “gender norms” by out-hunting guys. Not trying to match hairstyles.

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