CHILD CRIMINALS OF 1800’s: Children’s Mugshots from the 1870s

These images provided by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums show juveniles convicted of crimes in Newcastle, England between 1871 – 1873.

1.  Jane Farrell stole two boots and was sentenced to 10 hard days labor. Age (on discharge): 12.


2.  James Donneley, also know as James Darley, 16, had been in and out of prison. On this occasion he was sentenced for two months for stealing some shirts.


3.  John Reed was sentenced to 14 days hard labor and 5 years reformation for stealing money in 1873. Age (on discharge): 15.


4.  Robert Charlton, 16, was a laborer from Newcastle and was imprisoned for four months for stealing two pairs of boots.


5.  John Divine was imprisoned at Newcastle City Gaol for six months after stealing money from another person. Age (on discharge): 17.


6.  Isabella Hindmarch was convicted of stealing money, she had no previous convictions and served one month with hard labor. Age (on discharge): 16.


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