CHILLING: Last Words out of AirAsia Pilot were ‘Allahu Akhbar’

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Was this another terrorist attack?

The National Transportation Safety Committee investigator, Nurchayo said listening to recording from black boxes over and over again can be disturbing and requires utmost mental strength.

“Listening to the playback of a black box involved in a crash is not like listening to music or a discussion.

“We are listening to a recording that represents the last moments before the crash and it is disturbing. There are times where the investigators would get unnerved listening to the recording,” he told

Analysing the recording while listening to their final words like “Allahuakhbar” repeatedly, give the investigators goose bumps, Nurcahyo said.

“It is as if we can feel them… Allahuakhbar, Allahuakhbar were the last words said before they died.

Read more: Yahoo News

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