CHRISTIE PUT IN HIS PLACE: Trump Caught on Live Mic, ‘Get in the Plane and Go Home. It’s Over There.’ [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.21.16 AMThere is no doubt who is the boss in this relationship, but is this something Trump should be doing to a man who just did him a favor?

The theme music from Harrison Ford’s movie ‘Air Force One’ blared over loudspeakers in a rural Tennessee airport hangar, and minutes later a less presidential noise wafted over a hot mic.

‘Get in the plane and go home. It’s over there. Go home.’

That was Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, telling his newest endorser Chris Christie in front of 12,000 people exactly where to go and how to get there.

Christie had just sung The Donald‘s praises following the dramatic entrance of his plane in a stunt the campaign invented a month ago in Dubuque, Iowa.

And more importantly, he had trashed Marco Rubio.

The boyish Florida senator who has given Trump his share of heartburn in recent days, Christie told thousands clumped shoulder-to-shoulder, ‘said he’s gonna work as hard as he can as long as he can to win the Republican nomination.’

‘That would be something new for Marco Rubio – to show up to work at all!’

‘How about a refund, Senator Rubio?’ he asked of the senator who has skipped more hearings on Capitol Hill than he’s attended in five years on the job.

Christie and Trump had strode down a set of tarmac stairs from what Rubio now calls ‘Hair Force One’ to the strains of Marc Cohn’s ‘Walking in Memphis,’ a hat tip to the music city just a half hour’s drive away.

A deafening roar set the scene. Christie knocked young Marco out of the park. And then Trump showed him the back of his hand.

It was, as one Twitter wag opined, ‘the political equivalent of leaving the money on the nightstand.’

A Trump spokesperson did not respond to requests for an explanation.

Hours later, however, Trump social media director Dan Scavino tweeted that Trump had told Christie ‘to go home (as was planned) to be with family tonight.’

‘Being blown out of proportion, BIG LEAGUE!!,’ Scavino added.

Christie actually stuck around for Trump’s speech, but the impact of a 9-second video clip of Trump sending him off rocketed around the Internet in mere seconds.

Trump is laboring to provide voters a set of stark contrasts – between career politicians and businessmen, between public servants on the take and altruistic populists.

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