‘CLOCK BOY’ LATEST COMMENTS: Will Have You Saying ‘Told You So’

This will raise a few eyebrows.

America first came to know Ahmed Mohamed when he was detained by police in mid-September.

His crime? He took apart a clock and put it into a handled case. He then took it to school. At school, he showed it off to teachers as his invention, but because it looked like a bomb the police were called.

Following the incident, Ahmed was suspended from school for three days, but then his father withdrew him and his siblings from school.

Ahmed gained the national spotlight with sympathizers and was even invited to the White House.

Then in October, he accepted a scholarship to Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) and his familymoved to Qatar. He said of the move:

“Qatar was a cool place to visit. I loved the city of Doha because it’s so modern. I saw so many amazing schools there, many of them campuses of famous American universities. The teachers were great. I think I will learn a lot and have fun, too.”

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