CLOWNS & TINY ANIMALS: Instead of Fixing the Problem, TSA Brings in Entertainment

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How about fixing the problem instead of entertaining us while we are standing in a long *ss line?

With mounting delays around the country being blamed on Transportation Security Administration cutbacks and increased passenger traffic, airports are turning to musical performers and free sweets to keep travelers’ tempers in check.

And some airports are getting a little more creative.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is now inviting miniature therapy horses and their handlers from the non-profit Seven Oaks Farms Miniature Therapy Horses program in Hamilton, Ohio to visit the terminals several times a month.

“Animals help reduce stress and anxiety levels and put smiles on people’s faces,” said Mindy Kershner, a spokeswoman for the airport.

“Unlike service animals, who are working and should not be touched, therapy animals can be patted and hugged.”

And while many other airports have therapy dog programs in the terminals, “We figured this is Kentucky, after all, so we need horses,” Kershner said.

For its part, the Transportation Security Administration says it working with airlines and airports on strategies for cutting down the long wait times at airports. Solutions include moving canine teams to the busiest hub airports, increasing budgets for staffing and overtime and, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, working with Delta Air Lines to test fast-loading, radio frequency identification bins at two checkpoint lanes at the airport in Atlanta.

Two senators are urging airlines to help reduce checkpoint lines by dropping checked bag fees for the summer.

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