CLUELESS: How the Left Uses FASHION to Brainwash Our Daughters

This is a pretty interesting point of view. It’s something that most of us probably wouldn’t think too much about. Check it out and give us your thought.

By Angelina Turner

Allie is my Goddaughter. The beautiful feminine athletic brilliant daughter of my college roommate. She grew up in the best mid-western conservative home with 2 brothers, God and an overabundance of love. Her father a successful self-made businessman is a die hard “Reagan Republican”. Upon graduating with academic honors Allie received a scholarship to an elite private college and that is where we lost her………

Much to the shock and disappointment of her parents their Pro2A, Prolife, fiscally conservatively taught daughter returned home a full blown, man hating, Lena Dunham loving liberal with…. ARMPIT HAIR!

We, as conservative Republicans, need to ask ourselves some extremely serious questions. Beginning with, How did we lose Allie? When does the indoctrination of our daughters, begin ? And can we get our “Allies” back?? 

First, it is no secret that the mainstream media is owned by the left. It is nothing more than a propaganda machine for corrupt Hillary Clinton as it has been for Barack Obama. But really what young adult girls are watching mainstream political news? The answer, Not many. The way the liberals are brainwashing our daughters is actually way more sophisticated, as being disguised and hidden……….

Perplexed as to how this is happening, I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and I was completely in disbelief to read that Cosmopolitan magazine was openly endorsing Wendy Davis. And I discovered that Cosmopolitan (herein after, also known as, Cosmo), is owned, and edited by the Hearst Family (yes think the infamous Patty) the family is named in Forbes Magazine as being the 9th richest family in the United States.

So as I began to search past articles and content it became clear the entire magazine was nothing but the liberal agenda woven into fashion, makeup and sex. I honestly lost count as to how many times Lena Dunham, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton were mentioned in Cosmo as the coolest, most fashion forward, amazing women ever.

hillary effect

Michelle Obama Glamour

The DNC abortion bragger was featured in Cosmopolitan.

Even more discerning the Hearst conglomerate also owns and publishes the following: Seventeen, Teen, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Marie Claire, Redbook and Oprah.

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