CNN Pushes Fake News of Congressional Baseball Prayer Photo, HAMMERED Immediately

We should be used to CNN trying to spin stories to fit their political narrative. But that doesn’t mean we should brush them off either.

When CNN tried to pull a fast one on the public, they were called out on it. And it wasn’t pretty.

After the terrible shooting that happened while the Republican team was practicing for the game, both congressional teams agreed the game should go on as planned.

Before they took the field, again, both teams walked onto the field and kneeled for a prayer.

CNN Politics tweeted out a video showing the teams gathered on the field. The caption on the tweet, however, only mentioned “members of the Democratic team”.

Because the Republicans are soulless monsters who won’t even pray for those in their own party…

Or, at least, that’s what CNN wants you to believe, based on this tweet.

They have since deleted the original tweet.

Thanks to Breitbart, a screenshot of the original tweet is available.


Obviously, many called out CNN for their misleading label and the network reposted a tweet with an accurate caption, including both teams this time.

But the damage was done. People were not happy with CNN and they let it be known! Do you agree with the angry Twitter crowd?

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