• http://www.facebook.com/jim.zielbauer Jim Zielbauer

    Well of course, because Baal and Gaia demand human sacrifices

  • Pyro Rob

    Both houses of the legislature, and the governorship are under Demonscat control.

    • granny_for USA

      Its time to get rid of the Democrats & their leader. It doesn’t matter how it gets done……just has to be done.

  • darlingrats

    Yet another reason to leave Colorado, they dont think the 2nd applies and now this. The dim libs control the gov’s office, both houses, alot of dim lib mayors.The ONLY thing we have going for us are some of the sheriffs that have flat said they REFUSE to abide by new anti weapon/ mag laws and said that they WILL step in IF feds/state tries to arrest legal, law abiding weapons owners.



  • chewinmule

    Rocky mountain low, John Denver!

  • ConservativeGrl

    Liberals truly are evil scum. Colorado has become a safe haven for communists and baby killers. It’s time for Colorado to toss out the new age scum. The conservatives in the state have to fight back.

    • Jim C. Titus

      We are fighting back. That Ass “Morse” is facing recall along with at least 3 others .. But we also have a Spineless Democratic Governor who bends to Bloomberg’s every Whim.. This is what happens when the Conservative party has too many choices on the Ballot. This crap has to stop.. After the Primaries, we have to get behind One voice…

      • http://www.facebook.com/loran.carlson Loran Carlson

        Jim, I agree with the caveat that a conservative is not necessarily a Republican. I do not trust the majority of Republicans. I was recently disappointed with Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan Chris Christie and more. How could we have been so snookered by these guys?

        • $26222150

          I went to a meeting that featured two Republicans; one a state rep, the other running for I think state senate (this is in Colorado). I asked about voter fraud, and mentioned obama getting 105% of the vote in several districts – one of them snapped at me, asking where in Colorado did that happen…to shut me up, I guess – then about 10 minutes later, the very same man said that they knew of a case of election fraud in Pueblo. He did not make me his friend that day.

          I don’t like the republicans either, especially after the above incident, and their shenanigans at the RNC. The conservatives in Colorado and elsewhere are trying to take back the republican party – thus the smorgasbord of candidates. We just have to stop giving to any republican pacs (with the exception of Senate Conservatives Fund) – give only directly to the candidates. DRY UP THE MONEY.

      • $5708171

        Hows about we just toss out Colorado, Californica, New York, Illinoise, and New Joisey. I was thinking – why not vote states OUT of the union? Like, GET LOST – WE DON’T WANT YOU AROUND ANY MORE!

        • DenverKitty

          Horse, just give me enough time to save the money I need for a move to Texas or Florida…and I’m leaning towards Texas.

          • $5708171

            Yeah Kitty, I’d go for Texas! I’ve thought about that myself a time or twice. Press on and get it done! Good luck to you!

          • violater1

            Good lean as Florida is in wind sucking status and their chicken shiit governor is a turncoat from conservative to liberalism obama asss kisser every chance he gets!

        • wildeagleone

          I live in California and need a job to survive but if you (where ever you are) have a place for me to move in to and a job waiting for me I will be more then willing to move out and join the human race once again.

          • $5708171

            Well… Michigan. It’s – shall I say, interesting. So far, so good.

          • lraivala

            I know the feeling as I left California in October for Arizona, all I can say is I love it.

          • Don’t Even Try It!

            What kind of job? What and how much experience do you have? If you are serious, give everybody here some information.
            Have a nice day!

      • wildeagleone

        Then recall the effing Governor along with the others. Quit taking it and fight back

    • nobr0

      All the inhabitants of colorado are made up of the failures who decided to move to california and couldn’t (another failure) make it that far.

      • Eyes2theSkies

        Is that right? As if you know all the inhabitants of CO. and that being the reason all Coloradans live in Co. I would insult you, but will refrain from lowering myself to your level. Instead I’ll just tell you that not all Coloradans share the same views and many fight against the evil. Use common sense if you have some, for better judgement. You made a very stupid and uneducated statement.

      • $26222150

        That’s not why I moved to Colorado, so your statement is a lie. See, you’re part of the problem; you need to stop lying and live for the truth.

      • violater1

        Nobro you speaketh through your assshole via condemning all in Colorado for all you have to do is research just a little and understand that there is a large faction of Coloradians that are steady kicking some those liberals assses that are in office right now! I understand they are going for the governors throat possibly as we speak! I applaud those of Colorado that accomplished the dismissal of one keep up the fight it is your home that you are fighting for!



    • Don’t Even Try It!

      There was once a time where my family and I vacationed in CO. And we spent several thousand $$ at Keystone and several other ski resorts. Beautiful country. I will sure miss CO but not the STUPID Liberal leaders that obvious CA transplants. Sorry CO, you will no longer get any of my money and I will also not purchase ANYTHING manufactured or sold or shipped from CO, including internet sales! God Bless the conservatives still stuck there with the DemCraps!
      Have a nice day!

  • $29077531

    These butchers that think these babies are nothing but trash will get their comings .. They can change the law to protect the butchers but they will never be able to save their souls. !


      I’m thankful to be on GOD’S side.

    • http://www.facebook.com/alice.hallock Alice Hallock

      No state can legalize murder, this is where the fed. gov is supposed to take charge. What they are talking about is not abortion. You would think the NAACP would have stepped in long ago since most of the babies that are killed either way are black. What the planned parenthood clinics are doing is just what the group that started it intended—genocide of the black people in the US. Don’t black people care?

      • http://www.facebook.com/loran.carlson Loran Carlson

        Alice, you are correct in your thinking, but you must realize that this is exactly what Obama and Holder want so do not expect that they will intervene.



    • edc

      Colorado must be trying overtake California in the absurd and stupid market. It’s a beautiful state, but then again, “beauty is only skin deep”, the “heart is evil and desperately wicked”.

      • James W.

        well the idiots from california have been moving to colorado for years to make it liberal state

      • DenverKitty

        edc, you are right, on so many levels.

      • violater1

        They have been successful thusfar!

    • MariansMusings

      Is there no end to the amount of horror Liberals will not only tolerate but embrace?. If you are under the Democrat tent, it is Kings X for rape and perjury (Clinton) throwing our ambassador and his staff to the wolves (Ms. Clinton) bombing the Pentagon, police stations, etc, (saved by Jimmy Carter) giving presidential pardons to bombing terrorists (Clinton), murder (unions) and now genocide of LIVE babies by abortionists.

  • Shadow_58

    Time for true Americans to run these sick basta*ds out of state government.

  • Leadman

    Is nothing sacred in Colorado?It’s past time for decent human beings
    to stop spending their money in Colorado.When you travel just go
    around it & not through it.

    • granny_for USA

      There are too many worthy places to spend money. Colorado is not one of them. Make sure I do not buy gas, groceries, or “I’ve been to Colorado”
      t-shirts either. Sorry, to the citizens of Colorado that know what scum sits in your State.

  • Grayzel

    Thirty years ago my youngest son was born at 27 weeks. So small I could hold him in the palm of one hand. He is now six foot one and to hundred pounds. I cannot imagine allowing a doctor to sever his spinal cord because his chance of survival thirty years ago was 20%. Stop the murder.


      I am with you Grayzel.

  • Berzrkr50

    Are these people completely off the rails??? Do they also realize that this bill can essentially give the thumbs up to anybody that decides it’s ok to punch a pregnant woman in the stomach in order to get her to miscarry? Maybe not make it ok, but possibly give the abuser a viable defense? What are these “people” thinking, and what drugs are they on?

    • polmutant

      maybe they are thinking that abortion is good until age 80? this would be grand as it would allow the abortion of the autours and enforcers of the foolishness. but alas there are no men or women left, only sheoples.

    • ort

      When people are Godless and unsaved, you get laws like these. When satan is the author and finisher of your “faith”, you produce laws like these. That is the answer.

    • noweareman

      You mean “What drugs aren’t they on?”

  • Douglas Tiffany

    From a friend that lives in Colorado–The state is run by liberal yuppy scum!!! I believe him now. Hooray for Texas!!!

    • Jim C. Titus

      Better watch your own back door.. Texas is a stronghold, but they are beginning the liberal BS down there as well….

    • Marlin208

      Keep a close eye on them Doug. A friend that lives there says they are moving in there to do the same thing.

    • $26222150

      Any liberal that moves into your neighborhood – and this goes for every conservative everywhere – needs to be told that you’re conservative and you like it that way, and they better toe the line too.

  • Doc

    Killing children, killing individual liberty, and shaming almost every person in the state. Colorado has gone from a wilderness paradise to a liberal cesspool. The “leadership” of this once great state will take the state to financial collapse. Sportsmen world wide are boycotting the state. Now, every Christian should as well. Come to think of it every decent human being should avoid this communist festering boil. Call and cancel your CO vacation. Cancel any conferences. Write every manufacturer in the state and tell them why you are Boycotting their products. Together we can teach the socialist pigs that “We The People” control the states and the nation.

    • Grayzel

      Boulder has spread it’s filth across the State. I am happy we moved out in 1978.

  • Starbrander

    Colorado Is A Shithole….Yuppies Are Fooled By Vail, Aspen,Breckenridge…..It’s Satan’s Beauty In Front Of GODs

    • Jim C. Titus

      Unfortunately there is some truth in your words.. Primarily counties around Denver were the populace is responsible for these ass backwards decisions.. Like California… Most of the state doesn’t back the decisions.. LETS NOT FORGET ALL THE FRAUD THAT CREATED THIS JUST AS IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.. We had numerous democratic counties reporting staggering voter turn out numbers .. All BS fraud..

      • Marlin208

        You are right Jim. It is the corrupt cities that are dragging down all these states. Same in Illinois, Chicago is so corrupt the state will never go Rep even though most of the state votes that way.
        It was the plan from the beginning. Get the cities packed with corrupt poll workers and rigged voting machines and you’ve got it made.

  • kenj41ne

    i find it hard to believe that the Colorado electorate are not up in arms over their so called government. They are out of control.

    • granny_for USA

      Yep!!! We know that is the muslim way. They have no regard for life at all. Wish we could send them all to meet their virgins.

    • Jim C. Titus

      We are.. 62 out of 64 Sheriffs are apposing all the passed gun laws and have filed suit along with the Independence Institute. Recalls are happening everywhere including their top man Morse… Worst case , Conservatives are buying weapons like crazy.. Molon Labe

  • http://www.facebook.com/adrian.vance1 Adrian Vance

    What in the world has happened to that state? Is South Park a documentary film? What did the producers know that we didn’t?

    See The Two Minute Conservative via Google or: http://tinyurl.com/7jgh7wv When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • http://www.facebook.com/garrey.mcvicker Garrey McVicker

    time to put a fence around these dont give a dam states and let them kill themselfs off. then go in and clean it up. people dont think this will not happen to them. obama has the death drs, in d/c and will start coming after anyone over the age of 65. what better way to trim the s/s for the yourger ones that dont work. people go back and watch some old sy-fye moves like soilet green , there are a few more just look back to the 60s and early 70s and see what happen there and you see it happing now. if you think gencile isnt in this country please wake up or you be the first in line to DIE.

    • DenverKitty

      “Soylent Green”…Charleton Heston, Edward G. Robinson.

  • tbonpc

    Glad I don’t live in Colorado where Murder is now leagal. The liberal murdering bastards.

  • hangman57

    For all the Mother’s who had a Abortion ,do you miss me now ?

  • Indiana Conservative

    Sickening to say the least.

  • granny_for USA

    Are there any “human” polticians out there. What is happening to our USA that a bunch of stupid WH AH Democrats are so bent on exterminating the human race. I hope the liberals are taking this inhumane choice to their brain. This goes against everything that we legal born citizens have always been against. Killing babies that were alive during the abortion is not a human act. Colorado politicians will certainly have a bunch of hell here on Earth. Please, someone paint a target on their back.

  • Jake T.

    It is easy to be depressed when reading news like this, but consider the words of Psalm 11: 4-7 “Adonai is in His holy temple. Adonai, His throne is in heaven. His eyes see and test humankind. Adonai tests the righteous, but He hates the wicked and lover of violence. He will rain hot coals down upon the wicked; fire, sulfur and scorching wind will be what they get to drink. For Adonai is righteous; He loves righteousness; the upright will see His face.

  • bluealiendevil

    I will never step foot in this cesspool of a state!

  • johnanaguski

    Just let them kill whomever they wish, I think not.

  • Unbelievable

    The writing, as is copied below, acknowledges it’s a ‘human being’.So, did they write a law stating it was ok to murder children be they in the womb or not?

    “nothing in this act shall be construed to confer personhood, or any
    rights associated with that status, on a human being at any time prior
    to live birth. Nothing in this article shall permit the prosecution of a
    person for any act of providing medical, surgical or any other type of

  • bob novak

    Yet another reason to boycott Colorado. This is freaking criminal. So since killing a child is nothing more than property damage, I guess any parent that gets pissed at their teenager for staying out past curfew can just blow them away right? After all they’re just property. If you make it illegal to do this, then why is it not illegal to kill a baby?
    How does this protect womens rights? How does this do anything but protect murderers?
    How can anyone live in a state that advocates this type of treatment?

  • CQQL33

    I think it is time for EVERYBODY to move out of Colorado……..

    • $670769

      Stay there. We don’t want them infesting other states. They voted for the killers.

      • DenverKitty

        No, not all of the people in Colorado did. I’ve been saving what I can ever since the election night. It’s going to take at least another year before I can leave Colorado in my rearview mirror!!

  • CQQL33

    Our fearless leaders are now showing just exactly what they learned in school……………..NOTHING ! It is just too bad ‘they’ we not aborted. I cannot believe America has stooped to this low level. Why do ‘we the people’ allow this ingnorance to prevail. Get rid of these, excuse the expression, “leaders” once and for all. One more thing, for get about being “politically correct” as this is also nothing but a failure. It is time to call a spade a spade.

  • polmutant

    yep. and soon the commie pink kenyan will make an executive order that to be an american you gotta commit a homosexuality on a regular basis. and the sheople will continue to say “take our wool,eat our children only leave us grass to eat” we are men proud American men, can someone give a food stamp to feed me? shelter me? hold my hand?

  • G Estore

    A moving, squirming fetus has a soul, therefore a human being. Now, it is legal for abortionists to snuff out this life? What is the difference between this baby and the countless Jews killed by Hitler in the gas chambers? None, except for their size and age! Authors of this bill are no different from the operators of the gas chambers of Hitler during World War 2!! Their souls will burn in the afterworld, that is if they believe they have souls!!

    • polmutant

      so also will the souls of those that fund this obamanation with their taxation.

    • ort

      What is amazing is that when Scott Peterson killed his wife Stacy, he was charged with, and I quote, “killing his wife Stacy and their unborn son Connor.” Why was he charged with two murders if his son isn’t considered a child with rights? Why is abortion legal, but Scott Peterson killing his “unborn son Connor” wasn’t?? Such hypocrisy of the law!! There is a special place for Gosnell and his ilk. Jesus said that if anyone harmed a child, “it would be better if a millstone was tied around his neck and he drowned in the sea.”

      • wildeagleone

        And I believe all that anyone that harms these children in such a matter as Gosnell, should also have that stone wrapped around their neck and suffer the consequences

        • ort

          Agreed. Gosnell, and all like him, should be executed. He is a soulless, barbaric, child butcher. Why should he suck oxygen any longer?

  • $18476877

    The wholesale slaughter of infants is ok, but 30 round mags for self defense are illegal? I guess it proves progressives love their victims helpless.

    • polmutant

      this is why the name of the country was changed to the sheoples of amafrika. bah bah bah the new anthem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/esther.egan.75 Esther Egan

    Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; 19 because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: 21 because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
    24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: 25 who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
    26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27 and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

    This is a spiritual battle between God and satan. The question is what are we His sons and daughters doing about it. 2Chronicles 7:14 gives us the answer. We are to confess our sins and humble ourselves before God then He will heal our land. Just as the children of Israel cried out to God then He saved them. I would say that most Christian are not discernible from the rest of the world . How many Christians are in sin and not repentant. How many pastors in the pulpit do not preach about sin but a good life. How many church leaders are having sexual encounters outside of marriage, and how many are molesting small children. How many are into pornography? It all starts with us. Lets confess our sins and fall down and worship God, and He says He will heal our land. Then again if this is the last days everyone speaks of it is going to get a lot worse. Where is the fire in our churches? When I was a little girl we had fire and damnation messages, where are they now? I challenge you, if you read this, to listen to messages by Ravenhill and others. God is calling out the sheep from the goats. That is why I feel one verse in the Bible is so important “confess your faults one to another” We do not do that. We hide and pretend we are perfect when we are not. These storms in America are by design. They are intended to bring us to our knees and worship God. They are like the plagues of Egypt, they are a foreshadowing of things to come, the ultimate when we stand before God and He declares “depart from me, I never knew you” Oh Christian my heart goes out to you. We have made idols of so many things and God wants to be Lord of our lives. Man messes with his HARRP, and God messes with His finger.

    • polmutant

      what you write about is “having a form of godliness but denying the power there of” and the great falling away is about to come. all the balony about a rapture and it not occuring during the tribulation or melt down.

  • Tom T

    Welcome to the true face of progressivism. What is wrong is right and what is right is wrong.

    • Taskmasterendgame

      Tom T

      The true face of Communism/Alinsky’s New revised Communism
      “The issue is not the issue The issue is the Revolution” (Obummer’s Creed)

  • ar05075

    Colorado is the next Mexifornia..!!

  • pysco

    What the hell is wrong with Colorado’s State government ? They are giving someone like Gosnell protection under the law for murder, You people are damned for ever…You people are truly scum…

    • DenverKitty

      Please make it “liberals are scum”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Christensen/100000005327315 Paul Christensen

    Figures! Marijuana and now this. What a bunch of losers.

  • LibertysSon

    More Democrat legislation that reflects what is in their minds. It isn’t pretty. They will face a just God someday and have no answers!

    • Marlin208

      Hopefully very soon.

  • PatCindyCunningham

    What has happened to Colorado? Have the people there lost there minds? I just read where a recall election looms for some of the Democratic State Legislators over gun laws. Maybe the People need to recall all the Democrats in the State. The whole Country is watching Colorado, and the stink coming off your State is just going to get worse until you throw off the repressive Liberal establishment.

  • James Maxwell

    Isn’t strange Colorado used to pride itself upon being a free state that respected
    the rights of all who resided there. It has been invaded by the corrupt and mindless
    liberals form Caliphoney with their lack of morals or respect for anyone or any thing
    except their own deluded sense of any thing goes if you can pay for it attitude. Since
    children do not have any voice to speak out they are nothing more than targets for
    the lack of morals of the left and their own self interest. We see more and
    more corruption in the dimless controlled states as the political only vote for those
    who can pay them the most money. They real voters who sat at home and did
    not vote are becoming the slave of those who bully and over ride their rights and
    freedoms. Can Colorado ever restore the right and freedoms of the citizens who
    built the state? Possible but they will have to get off their backside and get out
    to replace the corruption and disease that is spreading across the landscape of
    their state and American. We can take our nation back from the liberalturds and
    their mindless minions but we must pay attention and even if we are not totally
    evils. It may take us one cycle at a time but it can be done we just have to
    work towards restoring our nation and our moral conscience.

  • marineh2ominer

    This , following the second amendment violations of the Colorado leadership , should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about those DEMONRAT B–T–DS and their relationship to Obamass homosexual White House .

  • jimzandenaky

    Excellent. Now serial killers can, well, freely exercise their trade, provided they do it as an abortion “doctor” and they dont rile the client while doctor gets the trapped little parasite.
    No wonder Colorado has such wierd violence – apparently, they encourage it on the very, very meekest; what the heck is the difference of violence on bigger folks who Could get away. Older ones are at least more sporting, I have to say.

  • rcbobj

    God is watching and he is going to see that these politicians, burn in hell. Mark my word. This is the same as murder and they know it.

  • leewacker

    No wonder my daughter and her family want to leave Colorado! It used to be a good, honest, decent state, but–since so any city slickers have made their way into that state, everything has gone downhill!

    Babies are nice people, and they should be given a chance! Why not criminalize the people who go into unprotected sex, and sleep around! This is what the abortion thing is all about—people, especially women–who don’t take responsibility for their actions! Wouldn’t hurt men to keep their zippers fastened, either!

  • Charlie

    Unbelievable !!! Legislators of Colorado pass laws to kill babies in the womb that are innocent humans. Yet the same legislators of the same state known for hunting, camping, gun t.v. shows takes action by legislation to get guns from law abiding citizens so that criminals and only criminals can possess guns. If two consenting adults copulate and a child is produced then the child rules for the child is an innocent human that is just trying to come forth into our form of reality called life. These legislators tell U.S. citizens, that have a right to protect themselves from tyranny and criminals with the second amendment’s right to bear arms, you can not have certain guns, you can not have large capacity magazines, you can not have certain ammo. Then just months after these servants of the citizens of Colorado passed this totally statistical law, they pass a law that enables the murder of totally innocent humans by the thousands or more. Again unbelievable !!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/DustyFae StarDust Dolittle

    A Silent Tear, the love for life, the rights to life.

  • reggiec

    I don’t know how the “red state” moniker got hung on the right but it is wrong. Colorado means “color red” but in the case of Colorado it means RED like in Communism, the left, Socialist or progressives or whatever other name thy are using nowadays.
    I don’t care if it takes several hundred miles out of my way on a trip but I will never set foot in that state again or deal with any company located in that state. Sorry if you are a business that does not subscribe to The surge left by those elected by the residents of Colorado. By staying there you are enabling them to continue. Get out and take your tax dollars and jobs with you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loran.carlson Loran Carlson

    Look for Boxer and Pelosi to attempt something similar in California. These in your face liberals are getting worried that their time is almost up so they are going to cram as much as they can while they can into law. Remember people, trust in God and pray that he sees fit to change things. This is Gods nation we are living in.

    • Taskmasterendgame

      Loran Carlson
      Don’t forget California’s Wonderful
      Israel’s Duel Citizen
      Senator Dianne Frankenstein!

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/Markus.T.Laumann Markus T Laumann

    You do realize there are situations where abortion is needed to save the life of the mother, right? Savita Halappanavar is dead today because the doctors in Ireland were legally restricted from performing an abortion even though the miscarried fetus had no chance of survival. Her husband and kids had no choice but to watch her die because the doctors didn’t want to get charged with murder.

    I don’t want the government restricting the weapons my daughters use to defend themselves just like I don’t want the government restricting life-saving medical procedures that may be needed. You can’t preach self-defense for women in one situation but condemn them in another.

    • danstewart

      No one is saying that if the mothers life is in danger an abortion can’t be done, but to use abortion as birth control is EXTREMELY stupid.

      • http://www.google.com/profiles/Markus.T.Laumann Markus T Laumann

        Are you reading the other comments on this post? Equating abortion with murder is exactly what is happening here.

  • yaki534

    Too bad that the mothers of those in favor of abortion didn’t have their mothers exercise the abortion right.

  • snoopy

    They continue to reveal themselves as the truly evil people they are!! PBO can rage on and on about “if it saves just one child” and then speak before PP and wish Gods blessings on them – the organization which supported the abortion of over 300,000 children last year. Just makes me wanta PUKE!!

    • danstewart

      When this pos commie muslim illegal potus mentions god, he is referring to his false child raping muslim god “allie”. He wants nothing to do with the true GOD, eventually he will face the true GOD & try to make excuses for his hehavior. He will probably try to blame it all on Bush.

  • websmith

    Only in wildest nightmares could monsters like this be in government. Hitlers got nothing on these people.

  • craigmayberry

    God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. Come soon Yahweh and visit judgment upon these people.

  • Marlin208

    Wow, what an absolute scandal Colorado has turned into. The liberal Ba–ds moved in and have completely ruined that state.
    Gun companies are leaving, hunters will not go there anymore, film companies will not film there anymore. They are bankrupting the state and all for the pleasure of the liberals now running it.
    Taxes will go sky high and you now see the rearranging of the laws.
    I am afraid they are doing this in state after state. I wonder how long it will take before we do not recognize this country any longer.

  • tinker

    I’m for pro choice but damn you carry it full term and they do this then the same thing should be done the the mother!!!!! I’m pro choice be cause a person has the right to chose… but then murder is murder.

    • Arizona_Don

      So a person has a right to choice to murder? Watch your back!

  • omega2


  • $5708171

    Oh, the beauty of diversityness and choiceness!!! Living in this age of total humanistic enlightenment and the glow of ourselves!! Ain’t we neat?! I just can’t wait to wake up in the morning and discover which old, worn-out, Christian, outdated principle has bitten the dust for good in our post post post modern wonderfulness. Kill those babies!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!! RrRRRRrrrrRRRRrr!

  • Anonymous Patriot

    Wow…..unfortunately I have already started the process of moving to this downhill sliding state. Last year it seemed like a good idea, it was supposedly high on the list of states that respected freedoms and financial rights. Oh well, it’s STILL better than CA, but we have to STOP this attack on the American people.

    And technically, the article is wrong on one point thankfully, that monster Gosnell could still be tried in CO, since he murdered babies AFTER they were born alive.

    These are dark days, Ayn Rand and George Orwell warned/predicted these days, and we have allowed them to come to our lives.

    Dark days ahead indeed………..

  • David Quick

    I did so love to go to CO. to hunt and fish, no longer will that beautiful State receive one thin dime more of my money.

  • http://twitter.com/Ivanna1967 Sandi Sanders

    The Lord will have the last word.

  • Louis Grue Jr.

    The government of Colorado is made up of a bunch of murdering criminals. The good god loving people of Colorado must remove these criminals ASAP !

  • william C

    What a shame that such a freedom loving wonderful state has been trashed by heartless, soulless socialist anti-liberty, anti-birth animals.

  • DenverKitty

    I cannot wait to leave Colorful (Bloody) Colorado.

    • celticwaryor

      There’s plenty of room in the state just north of you. Come on up and join us.

  • mac12sam12

    Liberalism is disgusting. A-holes are running the country.

  • Arizona_Don

    I have no idea what you people in Colorado are doing, do you?

    How may I ask did we get so many unethical criminal people in government. Murdering babies is just about as low as it is possible to go. There is nothing as appalling as what gosnel did to those babies. If you people in Colorado allow this in your state it will be forever be known as the baby murdering capital of the nation. How may I ask can you show your face. I have personally never heard of anything so unspeakably cruel. This may even surpass the holocaust. How can you even call yourself Americans?

    There is a lesson here for all of us however, do not under any circumstances elect liberal progressives!!!! This is the final proof this nation is going down into an abyss we cannot ever recover from. It is also further proof we are rapidly approaching a civil war. Many of us will fight to protect those innocent babies you folks wish to murder.

  • shatto

    To borrow part of a phrase from Hillary; “What difference at this point does it make?” …. I got born.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Hell was created for liberals and demoncrats.

  • Guest

    First, is this no longer a gun site?

    Second, The Denver Post did not “rip the new legislation”… the link is to the Denver Post site, but it is just an article from PRNewswire…. something that Personhood USA put out. Another example of shoddy journalism.

    Third, I completely support giving personhood to unborn fetuses. Then we can finally start arresting pregnant women who are out drinking and smoking and doing crystal meth or who don’t wear seat belts for putting their children at risk!

    Others who know that a pregnant woman is doing this harm to their unborn child would have to report it to authorities — just like any other case of child abuse.

    Get the maternity wards ready at the local jails!

  • charley

    liberal= hitler,no difference

  • slickzip

    These baby KILLER’S will pay for their crimes when they stand before GOD for final judgement ,,,,,,

  • Arrgh2112

    Wow…lefties are disgusting. If those murdered babies were killed in school they might get a chance though.

  • foxxybey

    Colorado now run by nazi’s and homosexuals, no morals, no truth and one sick state.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Given that these are the same IDIOTS that caused gun makers to leave the state taking much needed jobs with them I am not surprised by this STUPIDITY. To bad their parents were not able to see just how STUPID and WORTHLESS their children would turn out to be or they would have aborted them an saved everyone much sorrow. They should post a picture of those who voted for this STUPIDITY and say it is a poster for why Abortion is needed.

  • coconuisse

    Colorado must be the place where old far-left nuts from New York and California go to die. Too bad Obamacare hasn’t yet fouled up our medicine enough yet to have them BE dead!

  • Taskmasterendgame

    Get Right with God
    Behind Every Blade of Grass is a Righteous Armed American
    Locked and Ready

  • wildeagleone

    I pray that the Merciful God does not have any mercy on any woman that voted to de-criminalize the horrible act of snipping and or decapitating or leaving the child on the table gasping for breath without attempting to bring them into this world. You women better pray that the Merciful God I speak of doesn’t visit your home and take one of your PERFECT children, or you for your cold hearted vote to destroy God’s children

  • Benny Bennett

    I guess being Democrat gives them a God Complex. They take it on themselves to decide who is and isn’t human? I don’t care who you are, if you support this kind of crap, standard policy for Democrats, and call yourself a Christian, you’re delusional.

  • Darius the Mede

    Wjat about those who practice “post-natal” abortions and shoot the abortionists who commit MURDER for convenience-sake. They deserve the same “penalty” they are inflicting upon un-born babies. LESSON for citizens IF YOU DON’T WANT A BABY, EITHER DON’T HAVE SEX, OR USE CONDOMS/SOME OTHER FORM OF CONTRACEPTIVE. Abortion for “unwanted” babies is stilURDER

  • $26222150

    Tourism is a major industry in Colorado – don’t come here. I’m ashamed to live here; the only bright spot is they are making a lot of political enemies and doing the democrat party a lot of damage. There will be a landslide reversal in Colorado from blue to red in the next couple election cycles. NEVER AGAIN.

  • Jane Haslam

    I would not be proud to live in Colorado, in fact you couldn’t pay me to move there. You people are against law abiding citizens owning guns but think it is okay to back some one like Dr. Gosnell who delivered live babies and killed them by slicing their necks or using scissors to terminate them by stabbing them and slicing their spinal cords. This Dr. Gosnell’s clinic did this for over 20 years. There could have been thousands of babies born alive and then murdered. Hitler can’t even compete with that in my book. What kind of monsters do you people have for politicians???j I think you guys have some serious mental health problems. He didn’t run an abortion clinic, he ran a clinic “MURDER FOR HIRE”. If you have the money you can buy a murder.

    • Steph

      Technically speaking all abortion clinics are “murder for hire”. Not trying to downplay the evil act of killing them outside the womb; just pointing out there is no difference. It is all evil.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson


  • http://twitter.com/MRDGL Dave Lyons

    I used to think that I was going to move to Colorado some day, but with all of the decisions that CO legislators are making, I have no desire to live there let alone visit there any more. What a bunch of idiots…

  • Chuck

    It dose say “prior to a live birth” and so I hope the murders that happened in Philadelphia after the babies were out of their mother’s would not be seen as legal in Co or anywhere. Obviously morality, faith based values and responsibility for one’s actions are missing in the lives of so many. The pro life movement too often comes off like a bunch of nuts as do the so called pro choice people. I wish the politics of left and right could be removed from this issue and that somehow core values, that I think most humans share, and compassion would come into the discussion. As long as it’s about us vs. them it will always be going back and fourth without any real progress. Life, young and old, rich and poor, left or right, black or white, born or unborn needs to be valued, nurtured and allowed to exercise the rights we hold self evident.

  • jb80538

    Colorado has really become ONE MESSED UP STATE!

  • Sarah Conner

    always wanted to travel out west…sadly I think I waited too long…Colorado has a great heritage and it was where we wanted to visit…cannot in good conscience visit a state that has no values when it comes to an innocent child’s life,so as to treat said child as a piece of trash and it’s murderer as untouchable…we truly are in a sad state of affairs when we allow this to happen…

  • alex

    The leftist model is to swarm into a state like locusts, destroy the state, leave behind majorities created by voter fraud and laws reflecting leftist doctrine then move on to the next victim. Not one state is safe as long as the left is allowed to play political games and poison the culture.

  • Paladin

    Wow… so much for the statements that ‘if they can save just one innocent life’ as it related to all the new anti-gun legislation.

    So in Colorado, a pre-mature baby that can survive after only 5 months development is not considered “human” enough to be considered as a living thing until it is formally born.

    Here’s a new motto for you….

    Concealed Carry…. late term abortion for criminals.

  • violater1

    Nuke California, New York City, Connecticut and Maryland. Coloradians are working on the fixes for their chickenshiit liberals!

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