Comedian, Eddie Griffin, Encourages Fans to ASSASSINATE Trump!

Okay, this guy made some comments that were WAY out of line! Why is this not on the news? If a conservative person said anything close to this, you can bet your bottom dollar the media would be jumping all over this.


At a comedy show on Friday in Dallas, actor and comedian Eddie Griffin encouraged the 15,000 members of the audience to assassinate Donald Trump.

From The Blaze:

“Do your historic duty. You guys assassinated JFK. Next time he comes to Dallas, stick him in a convertible, drive him by the grassy knoll, get the rednecks out to the grassy knoll,” Griffin said. “Y’all took out one president, you need to take out another.”

Conservative radio host Ben Ferguson was in the audience and even live streamed part of the show.

According to Ferguson, Griffin began acting out an assassination as he continued. “Y’all need to put Trump into a convertible and take him out, or better yet, the driver should take him out,” he said as he pretended to be a sniper.

Ferguson noted that there were celebrities in the show and media in the audience, yet none reported on it.

“This wasn’t a comedy show, this was a comedy show turned ‘let’s kill Trump’ show…How was it that not one single news organization covered this; can you imagine if any Republican made these remarks about a liberal,” Ferguson said. “These are A-list celebrities on tour with a guy calling for Trump’s assassination, how can they continue to work with him? Where’s the accountability here?”

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