Confessions Of A Quarter-Life Crisis: The Things A Woman Learns By The Time She Turns 25

tumblr_me12imGsRk1r6t379o1_500BY SARAH MILHOLLAND

I recently turned 25 years old, which one might think is no different than any other year. False.

The moment October 13 hit, so did my quarter life crisis. After all, 25 is half of 50 and, honestly, I had to take a moment to reflect on this.

The following list consists of the things I have found to be true at this point in my life:

1. I will never wake up an hour early to enjoy my morning. If I have work at 8am, I get up with just enough time to make it if I hurry.

2. Mexican food and margaritas with friends never gets old.

3. Cat calls are more like compliments.

4. Shots are something you have grown out of.

5. You start to realize that mom might have been right about a few things.

6. If you don’t want to do something, simply don’t do it.

7. It’s okay to buy flowers for yourself.

8. Sometimes an ugly cry is just necessary.

9. Zumba might very well make you feel like you work out and, naturally, are a fabulous dancer.

10. Breakouts still feel like the end of the world.

11. Breakups still feel like the end of the world.

12. Losing weight isn’t as easy, and it’s only going to get worse.

13. The bad boy thing is no longer so appealing.

14. You’ve learned to do things for yourself.

15. Reading is no longer an assignment, now it’s just good for the soul.

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