Constitution: Only Valid When Republicans Are in Office

constitutionIs it just me or is the constitution only “valid” when a Republican is in office? And why would that be? I think I can tell you. You see, I went to one of the most liberal colleges in the northwest, The Evergreen State College. Now, don’t be fooled, it’s not as good as it sounds. They spout “acceptance” and “tolerance” and all the other pretty words, but even the staff who work there have said it’s all smoke and mirrors. An employee actually told me that she doesn’t even say, “Hi” to someone in the hallway because that person will find some way to be offended by it. Sounds like a great place to work.

So Evergreen is actually the first place I studied the Constitution. I didn’t even learn about it in high school in AP History classes. I was pretty impressed that a liberal college would choose to focus so deeply on it. We were taught that it was deliberately written vaguely to allow for “interpretation” and changes over time, yet is still an important framework. We were taught how important it was to be respected and followed at all times. Sounds awesome! Sounds – well – conservative. Until, that is, I realized the time period during which I was attending TESC – it was during George W. Bush’s presidency.

Hmmm, so while Bush was in office, the constitution was very valid and very important – to be used to keep Bush from making any laws the Democrats didn’t like. Now that Obama is president, suddenly it’s invalid, old, too vague, just something to be discarded and circumvented. So instead of recognizing that they wouldn’t like the same thing to happen to them and their values, they are going to ignore it and ram everything they can down our throats.

One thing they forget though – not all Democrats are “Stepford Wives”. I will finally admit it – I am registered as a Democrat. However, I have always voted as an independent. I refuse to be “owned” by either party and I base my votes on my values and which person I believe represents the majority of them. I will NOT vote based on what one party tells me I have to do to be one of them. The last couple of years though, I am being pushed further and further to the right as the Democratic party becomes more and more controlling. I was “green” before anyone thought of telling me I had to be and ridiculing me if I didn’t do enough to meet their standards. I was eating organic long ago because I wanted to, not because some morally superior group of people started acting like I’m too incompetent to eat without their help. I am insulted when I hear things like a woman must be stupid if she is a Republican or votes for a Republican. Other women fought SO HARD to give us independence and show that we had our own brains and COULD be an active, intelligent part of politics.

Now this current bunch of Democratic women are actually DENYING us that right to be independent and they do all they can to discredit any woman who doesn’t kiss the party ring. It now takes a stronger woman to be a Republican because she’s no longer fighting the male establishment – she’s having to fight her own gender who want to control her as much as any male ever wanted to control a woman. Would they tolerate any male that said, “You will eat what I tell you to eat, drive what I tell you to drive, live where I tell you to live, vote how I tell you to vote”?

All the things Democrats hated about Republicans, like believing they were too controlling in their policies, the Democrats are now doing. They aren’t any better than the Republicans; they have proven that given the same power to be controlling, they will do the very same thing. So exactly how are they morally superior?

Rather than try to do better, the Democrats are forgetting one more important thing – they will not be the power forever. I know they want to be and many people are worried they will be, but those of us who refuse to be “brainwashed” or “Stepford Wives” will not allow it. It may or may not be the Republican party that prevails, but it WILL eventually be someone besides the Democrats because this kind of control will not be tolerated long. Obama loves to call anyone who doesn’t agree with his narcissistic ideas “the enemy” and any laws that he can possibly make are weapons of “revenge”.  Impressive leadership, isn’t it? So they better hope that the next controlling party really is morally superior to them and actually works to represent the whole country and not just use their time to get even with the Democrats. “Revenge” won’t be so sweet on the receiving end.

About the author: Nancy Keaton

Nancy Keaton lives in Chehalis, Washington with her family. She is mother of three and grandmother of three and has recently acquired the healthy love of guns, self-defense, hunting, and the Second Amendment. Nancy and her family are also a travel writing team and you can learn about fun in the Pacific Northwest by checking out their blog at Questions and comments can be emailed to Nancy at

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  • Candace Lopez

    Hey stop acting like a “stepford wife”! What you say is simply not true! Did you forget or simply ignore the FACT that republicans (Bush Jr.) were the first to do away with Constitutional freedoms by voting to make it “legal” to kidnap American citizens off the streets of the United States without trial or legal representation of any kind and hold them forever. OK then, dont forget that it is also “legal” to torture people for the first time in American history. All if it in the name of hysteria. What a shame! Shame on republicans and democrats. Then, Obama signed it into “law” a second time. Both parties are guilty of treason! Stop playing sides and get your facts straight! Both parties and the individuals of those parties are the perpetrators and enablers of such madness. Torture, indefinite detention, thats OK with you? If so I’d like to add your name to the list to be held captive indefinitely. Water boarding won’t bother you will it? Don’t worry you won’t really be drowning. Please get a clue!

    • Garrett Fricke

      I’d gladly water board your miserable ass Candace the Lib.

    • JPD

      Although I agree with your comments, please get some facts straight. First, their are documented accounts of Americans torturing and persecuting during wartime and peactime. even to our own people, dating back to the War of 1812.

  • a_browning

    O. is not worried that his tactics will lead to another party coming into power, because he has no intention of giving up power. That is why he works tirelessly to divide and destroy the opposition with the aid of the msm until he gets absolute lock on power. He wants to be dictator.

  • Mugmol

    Nancy, you are right on. You are an independent thinker not spewing any party line. Best of all, you are respectful to other parties saying only your belief and interpretation of what you see happening. The world needs more people who will think for themselves, verify and have dialogue with people who believe differently, instead of name calling. Unfortunately, we have the first president who vilifies anyone who disagrees with him and asks for revenge on American citizens. Thanks.

  • Saltporkdoc

    As I, a lifelong registered Republican, read the above article, I was encouraged to know there are others like me who try not to be lead by anything other than the Constitution, as regards my vote.
    It also occured tht much of our current problem is in the necessity to declare a party affiliation to register to vote. (God forbid a Democrat votes for a Republcan in a primary, or vice versa!) Gee, I wonder how it was done before the formation and power of political parties, and how did such dynamic and capable leaders get elected before GOP, Whig, Do-Nothings, Democats, etc.?
    Let’s see, there was “The Federalist Papers”, public debates, pastoral sermns public discussion, even some informative news accounts. Getting any idea as to what went wrong? Exactly what the founding fathers feared most as a destructive power to the Republic: the rise, growth and power of “factions”.
    Let’s start by going back to just registering as “voter”. Of course this would be just a starting point to resetting the Republic, but space and time limit me now, but I do believe it to be an important start.

  • Buck

    If you are depending on the GOP to protect and defend the United States constitution I need some of what you are shooting up , the only thing the GOP is protecting and defending is their own piddling power . If we HAD a party protecting and defending the constitution IMPEACHMENT would be proceeding NOW!!!

  • Silas Longshot

    Both parties seem to get a “Constitutional concience” ONLY when it suits their purposes. The rest of the time they ignore it. And King Zero is the worst. EVER.

  • Eugene Lubben

    Socialist/communist/liberal dumbocrats don’t believe in the Constitution , they love Lenin,,,,,,,,,,

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