COP SAVES THE DAY: For Two Unarmed Sister Stabbed by Home-Intruder

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.01.39 AMThis is why you own a gun.

Two Utah sisters have opened up about the horrific night a man broke into the home they share and threatened to kill them.

Bre Lasley, 28, was terrified when 48-year-old Robert Berger came into her room on Wednesday just before midnight.

‘He whispered and said I’m going to kill you,’ she told Fox 13.

Berger later kicked Lasley’s sister Kayli, 22, down the stairs when she rushed in to help, setting off a scuffle where the knife-wielding assailant stabbed the older sibling in the leg and stomach.

Bre told Fox 13 that he threw her to the ground and knelt on her arms while telling her that he was going to kill her and get her sister.

She saw the attacker choking Kayli up against a wall before she tackled him.

‘You can kill me just please don’t kill my sister,’ she said after Berger pinned her.

After being stabbed multiple times, Berger allegedly had the knife to Bre’s throat when an unknown man come down the stairs, according to Fox 13.

Though Bre thought that the stranger could be Berger’s accomplice, she realized it was a Salt Lake police officer.

The officer reportedly asked Berger to drop the knife several times before shooting him dead with one shot to the head when he did not.

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