• WrenchSpinner

    Ahh…and so it begins. Harmless inspection just as they did years ago when I was a boy? I am afraid not. Often at times, you can still see the square remains of the adhesive in the front or rear window from the, “Inspection,” sticker in older vintage cars or hot rods. Although I believe these inspections will be just a little different. I don’t thick you’ll get a sticker this time around. More like free random illegal searches, mysterious contraband, “discovered,” in peoples’ car(s) that wasn’t there before, justified beatings, etc. Let us not forget questions like, “Do you have any weapons,” “Where are you going,” “Who are you going to see and why.” All of this, for safety Right? They are doing it for your own good, always remember that. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. The Totalitarian movement in its infancy stages? Hopefully not. That is why if you haven’t noticed all of those little steel beams with lengths of steel cable that run for miles and miles have been popping up along one side only of highways and interstates. The beams are too small to stop a car from bursting through. No it serves a more important purpose…”No way to turn around.” Think about it.

    • John Detwiler

      Have you heard of the employer who fired everyone who had an Obama sticker on their car. This should be done by every employer. People who voted for this lying narcissistic clown should be replaced with intelligent people.

  • slickzip

    Just to get people use to being stopped by thug storm troopers,,,,, say thanks to ODUMBA ,,,,

    • capoprimo

      Far from being ODUMBA, he knows exactly what he’s doing turning our Country into a socialist Third World Country. He’s following Saul Alinsky rule book to the letter and someday soon we’ll wake up and be allowed to venture beyond our blocks without a pass.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ian-Macpherson/1433253876 Ian Macpherson

        You are correct capoprimo. I honestly do not understand why most of the nation who identify themselves as conservative leaning people aren’t swarming their local, state and federal facilities, demanding the immediate resignations and possibly arrests of these elected officials.
        This is absolute madness. I cannot believe how far our country has fallen in four short years. As well, I am stunned by the lack or caring of Americans who choose to sit idly by as our once great country is being swiftly turned into a police state. Are you so blind, or so incredibly stupid that you cannot see it coming??? When the President (HA!) deems that it is legal for him to kill American citizens simply because HE decides that they are a threat, well, that is a road once travelled, there is no return.
        Ask Germany how it worked out for them.

  • cdoc

    Gee, I wonder what would happen if they coincidentally found a mean looking AR15 with one of those evil pistol grips locked in the trunk. How much you wanna bet they would confiscate it “temporarily” so they can write down the serial number and copy your drivers license. Suddenly it’s “registered”… voila.

    • violater1

      Big 10-4 cdoc!!!!!!

  • Work2SnowSki

    Not to worry if you’re here illegally though, then it will magically turn into a checkout lane for free Health Care, Food Stamps and Citizenship.

    • Get Real

      LOL you nailed it!

      • violater1

        Guns, Guns, Guns!

  • Get Real

    look like it would make for a target rich environment

  • MichaelJohnWilliams

    Martial Order would be the suspension of the Bill of Rights, which would therefore be the suspension of the Constitution. Public servants have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, and therefore such suspension would be a violation of their oath of office, and treason against the American people. Also, since the government(s) get their power from the consent of the governed via the Constitution, suspension of the Constitution would be the elimination of the government(s) – there would be no-one with legal or lawful authority to do anything!

    • polmutant

      yep. and the sheoples say our bodies are worth more than our souls, Please, take my posessions, eat my children, but let us eat the grass before you slaughter us.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      The Constitution was revised back in the late 1860s and isn’t what our Founding Fathers wrote it to be already. But this regime and its predecessors since about 1870 haven’t followed our Founders’ Constitution in any case. DC incorporated back then and isn’t even legally our government!

    • capoprimo

      They have taken an oath, yes, but they’re not following it. Obummer repeatedly keeps breaking laws without repricussions. Attorney General was found in contempt of Congress, so what? He’s still free as a bird. Try being in contempt of court and see how fast your butt is behind bars, but then you’re not a high ranking elected federal official.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vpirie1 Victor Pirie

    Plain and Simple. If they try that around some parts of the country, Maybe I should buy stock in BODY BAG companies, because most of these Good Ole Boys around here will be trying to FILL as many as they can.

  • edro3111

    Don’t sweat it. Just get an Obama sticker for your car, lay a book of food stamps on the front seat, get a cheap cell phone and lay beside the food stamps and you’ll be seen as a Free Stuff Army member and you’ll be on your way! No problem!

    • Eaglestrike

      Unfortunately that may be more true than you think.

    • Sagebrush6

      Unless you’re over the age of 65, then they confiscate your Medicare card and any prescription meds you have.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      THEY have “smart phones” not cheap ones!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Texican74 Alan Cross

      And do like the cops do … mount your iPhone or other, and when stopped, hit the record button and get it all … go home, post on YouTube … or just hook it up to stream live during your “stop”.

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Don’t forget, all this is for ‘our own protection’, right? Looks like the pot is starting to simmer, before you know it, it’ll be boiling over.

    Surviving urban crisis.

  • Sinatra98


  • Eaglestrike

    Reminds me of what my Great Grandparents talked about in Nazi Germany.

  • Breeze13

    Also, tell them that what they are doing to you, some other cop is doing to their family members. If they condone it, they are evil.
    “The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from it’s government.” – Thomas Paine

  • The Old Man

    When martial Law is declared, then you will see how many guns that are really out there.
    Maybe the latinos in florida will submit, but most americans won’t

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Most of those Latinos CAME here to get AWAY from that; I suspect they’ll fight harder than most so-called “Americans” who have no clue what it’s like to live under a totalitarian regime like Castro’s! They KNOW what happens when you don’t fight! Trouble is martial law is and has been here for over a century!

      • The Old Man

        On second thought… you just might be right. My thought processes come from being extremely independent and as our illustrious President once said. We have to overcome those that believe God and Guns are the way to go.

        I am one of those believers.

        Even the bible says… Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, thy rod and thy staff comfort me… So he was talking about the weapons of their time. Today, we would say My rod and my clip, they comfort me.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          There you go; the “rod and staff” David spoke of in that psalm are the shepherd’s crook or rod, and a large club, kind of like a baseball bat used to beat off predators, so “my rod and my clip” is quite appropriate!

      • http://www.facebook.com/mark.treadway Mark Treadway

        Sandra Lee, think about it…. those Latinos (Cubans) came over in the 60’s and early 70’s. They must be 60 by now. Their kids were raised here in the US. Except for their skin color and accent, they’re as much American as you and me.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          Yes they did; and some of the people coming out of Europe in the wake of WWII, who emigrated to the US, are who taught me the most about citizenship here; I suspect those have also taught their children. It’s the ones many generations removed from their immigrant ancestors we see in the OWS groups and the like. Children and even grandchildren usually learn about those pasts. BTW, I’m also well into my 60s and not ready to give up either!

  • James Maxwell

    It is a way to convince people that they are concened about your safety and security.
    When in fact it is a slow infiltration and conditioning of people to accept the search and
    “inspection” of your person and your property. Much like Nazi Germany and other
    countrys did when they seized control of the government. They will “discover” unlawful
    items to be confiscated such as guns, ammo, other unspecified items that will be
    seized. One step in the disarment of a nation and the overthrow of the government.
    If you resist you will be tagged, bagged and identifyied for later harrassement and
    arrest. Next it will be a midnight raid upon your home and property to seize illicite
    weapons thought to be there by the gestapo tactics. When you are stopped they
    will ask for your “papers”. That will probably include License, Insurance and Registration
    pluse any thing else they can think of the harrass us. While you are stoped they
    will inspecte your vehicle to insure you have “complied” with all the goverhment rules
    and restrictions upon your freedoms. This is, as the saying goes, a very slippery
    slope one you start on it. The last time I remember such an even was in my
    neigerberhood after a major story and we were haveing problem with looters.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Based on gun sales the past couple of months, it appears the American people are preparing to resist government’s war against them.

  • 9Spoon9

    I can’t type my true feelings about this Fascist ploy. That noted… To the Citizens of FLUSA : Time to end it before it starts. How is up to you, but tolerance of any of this by sheeple instead of actions by people will allow them to curtail other freedoms and further erode Liberties. My sincerest regard in taking a pro-active stand before some or many take a reactive one, that would seem fitting, but fulfill the Admin’s goals of employing Martial Law. Obama already has quasi-legal carte blanche to take control of whatever he deems necessary under auspices of ‘Common Good and National Interests/Defense’. The fuse has been cut very close to the powder stores…might not take a lot to begin a long, unnecessary & bloody process that will ???

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    Hate to point out the obvious, but we’ve been under martial law continuously since Lincoln instituted in the the early 1860s, and even though it’s been “dialed back” most of that time, it’s never been revoked! Doubt me? Go to your nearest city, county, state or Federal offices and look at the American flag. Court houses will suffice or council meeting chambers, that sort of thing; notice that yellow or gold colored FRINGE on the flag? That tells you it’s under martial law!

  • gutterfalcon

    I thought they couldn’t legally ask for I D unless you were suspected of a crime ?

  • ProgressiveChick

    omg… do you really believe that the government is going to turn on you??? well if they do i will be glad. less of you crazies here.

    • Damaris

      Governments have never turned on their people, said no history record ever. Read about the various governments who have turned on it’s citizens. I would give a plethora of examples but I will save you the embarrassment.

  • Sky Soldier

    America’s real “RED DAWN” is about to happen once the pseudo-government desensitizes the people enough through these “planning activities”. How did the police get so brainwashed by this illegitimate government/president that they forget their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution… What happened to the “Oathkeepers”? Where is our individual State militias to protect us from this tyrannical government? Wake up America!

  • horseridingplains

    bama is on track–get ready for security–what did people think when he said fundamental change- free phones??? Freedom is not free- and we are slowing losing ours

  • http://twitter.com/LDommel Linda Dommel

    Let’s not forget about the Red light CAMERAS! They need camera in every legislators office & closet BEFORE they have them on the citizens who pay for it all! Where’s the camera’s in all these PROPAGANDA schools? No it’s the law abidden citizen money being USED against them to give POWER TO CORRUPT POLITICANS!

  • pmonly

    Was just playing hide-n-seek, but I still haven’t found America!!!! Where did she go?

  • WrenchSpinner

    My comment for ProgressiveChick…If you think for one minute our own Government is squeaky clean, you had better think again lady. I have several friends who saw combat in places the good ole US was, “never supposed to be.” They saw and did things that you wont find in any history book. Well, come to think of it, most scholastic material is filled with propaganda now anyway, like the Holocaust never happened. If, “Real history,” has taught us anything is that leadership can and will turn on you, if you let them. I guess the history books were all wrong then. I stand corrected in awe. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.carmody.142 Michael Carmody

    They are checking your inspection stickers you morons, law enforcement does this all the time. They are giving you a heads up, who with evil intentions gives a heads up.

  • goku vegeta


  • pysco

    Whenever you see the military, or DHS setting up check points call 2 neighbors, have them call 2 others, warn everybody so they have time to prepare resistance. There is absolutely no provocation for the Administration to prepare for martial law., or to inquire whether military would fire on the civilian population. This is the action, of a person that wants to be a dictator, or is mentally un-stable…….

  • cptphilb

    Someone better ask the governor’s office down there what the hell is going on!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.reames Jerry Reames

    well i guess we know that florida cops won’t live up to their oath

  • violater1

    Be ye aware if you carry in your vehicle you may be incarcerated even if it is in the required by law strapped holster or in an approved carry case! check your vehicular carr laws it may have changed since I was there 15 years ago!

  • James Fontana

    Florida doesn’t have motor vehicle inspectio and there is a lot of junk cruising the higways but those folks won’t be caught because they know where the inspectionj points are. Florida needs to do like other states and establish a regular inspection before the vehicle can be put on the road. ( Off course there are fees that go with it)

    • nuke waste

      I taught down in Tampa. We had an inspection and exhaust inspection. This was supposed to take some of those rust missiles off the road. The cost was fair.

      • James Fontana

        Florida does not have state wide inspection only cities and counties that elect to have it. I lived in several areas of Florida and the most inspections I saw were for exhaust emissions. People with junk cars registered them in non inspection counties.

  • ardvark01

    Check points for Id and travel papers are are a common thing in Communist countrys.

  • gypsy314

    I’m glad I do not live in Florida I hope you guys protest either way they need a warrant to search your car. As long as they do not ask you if you have a gun. If they do say no none of your business. Ask them why you are being stop

  • Jeff

    It wouldnt supprise me, but doubt it here in Texas. In Liberal States……yes, I can see it happening. Maybe it’s time to lock n load.

  • Jeff93

    Just stay home that day cause if your white and working, you don’t stand a chance!

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