Countries Issue Travel WARNINGS for Coming to AMERICA–Is It That Bad?

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How the tables have turned for America. What was once considered the safest, and arguably still is, nation in the world is now being issued a travel hazard. What do you think about this?

Travel advisories are nothing new for the United States.

Consider the countries the U.S. has warned its travelers about visiting in the last month or so. Over the weekend, the government put out an advisory for those looking at a trek to the Republic of South Sudan, citing “ongoing fighting, intercommunal violence and violent crime.” The State Department also asked U.S. citizens to “consider carefully whether you need to travel to Bangladesh, in light of the latest attack in a series of extremist events.”

In short, tumultuous countries in which safety cannot reasonably be guaranteed are periodically flagged by the U.S. and countries elsewhere as destinations where visitors should exercise caution – or perhaps avoid altogether.

So it may come as a surprise to many Americans that the U.S. has been the subject of similar admonitions around the world.

Here’s a breakdown of which countries are telling their residents to think twice about planning a trip to or hanging out in the U.S.

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