CROSSBOW ‘MASS SHOOTING’: Three Killed in This Gun Controlled Country, Where No Mass Killings are Supposed to Occur

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.25.08 AMOur politicians claim that once guns are under control that there will cease to be mass shootings. Let’s take a look at this gun controlled nation for a minute, though. Three people have been killed, in what you could call a mass shooting. What will the gun controllers say about this?

Three people were killed in an attack involving a crossbow in Toronto’s East End on Thursday and a man was taken into custody, a police spokesman said.

In a related incident, police evacuated a building in the Downtown Core area of the city later in the day due to a suspicious package, Detective Mike Carbone told a news conference.

He gave no details on how it was related or what the package contained.

All of the victims were adults, while one other person was taken to hospital, Carbone said.

The National Post newspaper reported that the three victims were shot with a crossbow in the garage of a Toronto home and left to bleed out onto the driveway.

Drone footage appeared to show at least one body covered by a tarp in the driveway.

In the initial incident, police responding to a call about a stabbing found three people who appeared to have been wounded by crossbow bolts, said another police spokesman David Hopkinson.

The two men and a woman were pronounced dead.

An unidentified man, 35, was taken into custody, police said.

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