CRUZ MOCKS ‘WHINNING’ TRUMP: Defends ‘Voter-Less’ Colorado Score

Ted Cruz gets a little creative with the insults. Check out what he is saying about Trump.

Sen. Ted Cruz defended what’s being dubbed the “voter-less” Republican nomination process that gave him a sweeping victory in Colorado and accused his rival Donald Trump of childish behavior over his loss.

“Donald has been yelling and screaming. A lot of whining. I’m sure some cursing. And some late-night fevered tweeting,” Cruz said, speaking to supporters in Irvine, California, Fox News reported. “Whine is something best served with cheese,” he said in another appearance in San Diego as the GOP candidate continued the attack against his rival.

Trump blasted Republican leadership in Colorado after Cruz grabbed 34 delegates in the state’s convention on Saturday. “It’s a totally corrupt, rigged system,” he said.

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