D-BAG IN CHIEF: Obama Lies to Rape Victim, ‘You’re Safer Without a Gun’

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.23.59 AMIf you want to dislike Obama even more, continue reading. He intentionally lies to this survivor of rape to push his agenda.

By Rob Morse

Kimberly Corban spoke at President Obama’s Town Hall on Guns. Kimberly said this to the president.

I survived rape. Now I’m a mom. Carrying a gun to protect me and my family is my responsibility. Your restrictions make it harder for me to buy a gun and carry it where I need to.

President Obama disagreed.

Kimberly knew she wouldn’t change the president’s mind, but she hoped he would at least listen to her. While I think the president lied at least six times in his answer to Misses Corban, I want to focus on one thing President Obama said.

He said-

..there are a few times when somebody with a weapon protected themselves.. but what is more likely in an attack is that the victim is attacked with their own gun.

The president lied. The US Department of Justice looked at sexual assault in 26 US cities. They found that a disarmed sexual assault victim is 10 times more likely to be raped than a woman who uses a gun to defend herself.

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