DADDY TERRORIST: Omar Mateen’s Dad Called for ‘ALLAH’ to Punish…

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.04.52 AMThe apple doesn’t seem to have fallen too far from the tree here. You think the Orlando terrorist learned all his moves from daddy? Give us your thoughts below.

The father of the Orlando shooter called for Allah to punish Afghans involved in his political campaign when they disobeyed him, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

Seddique Mir Mateen branded his former colleagues a ‘bunch of parasites’ for trying to put people in charge of two European offices who he disagreed with.

Mateen – who claims to be the Afghan President in exile – threatened to report them to the British and Dutch police for fraud and theft and told them that ‘the jealous person goes to hell’.

In bitter emails he also banned some of his former colleagues from the group and accused them of being spies for the Pakistani security services.

Mateen gave them the chilling warning: ‘Allah will punish all of you and Allah has his own way. Allah will take care of you sick people’.

Such language is markedly different from how Mateen has been presenting himself to reporters asking him what he knew about his son Omar’s journey to radicalization and mass slaughter.

In interviews at his home in St Lucie, Florida, he claimed to have no idea where his son got his hateful, angry view of the world.

But his strange online postings have shown him up as an eccentric character who appears on a TV show aimed at the Afghan diaspora in which he has appointed himself as Afghanistan’s president in-exile.

Just 24 hours after his son shot dead 49 people at a gay club in Orlando on Sunday he released a video saying that ‘God will punish those involved in homosexuality’.

The emails which were posted online list the UK office of Durand Jirga, Mateen’s political organisation, as an Indian restaurant in a suburb of Birmingham, Britain’s second-largest city, which now appears to be closed.

Durand Jirga wants Afghanistan’s borders expanded to include a large swathe of Pakistan as per a boundary drawn up by the British in 1893.

In the emails, which are written in broken English, Mateen accused those in the group who went against him of wanting to ‘follow the ISI (Pakistani Security Services) agenda’ and of being ‘scammers’.

In one email he told them that ‘none of you’ are members of the group any more.

The email says that ‘your opinion is worthless and you all be ashamed of jealousy’ and brands them ‘losers’ who he will report to police in Britain and Holland.

Mateen, 59, wrote: ‘I will come to Holland and if you are man enough you can say it to me face to face’.

Elsewhere he accuses his former colleagues of having ‘ugly faces’ and says that ‘instead of thank you you all are disrespected me’.

The email says: ‘Tell me how much money ISI Pakistani give to all of you. That will turn into cancers in your throat Inshallah.

‘Durand Jirga belongs to me in America, Europe and Afghanistan. There is nothing you can do’.

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