DANG: Girlfriend Seeks Revenge on ‘Cheating’ Boyfriend in the Most Awkward Way

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Turns out, he didn’t actually cheat. Whoops!

Hell hath no fury like a woman with a large supply of sanitary towels scorned.

Angry Li Tan, 23, from China, decided to stick sanitary pads to her boyfriend’s car because she thought he was having an affair, according to People’s Daily Online.

In fact, her loving partner De Wu, 24, was at a friend’s house in the Dancheng Township in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, planning a surprise birthday party for her.

When De failed to return home an hour after he’d promised, his furious girlfriend went to a nearby shop, bought 30 sanitary towels and stuck them on his rental car as stunned passers-by watched on.

Li’s friend, Chung Chen, 24, said: ‘She was furious, and I told her she should wait to see what he said before she attacked the car, as it wasn’t even his.’

‘But she wouldn’t listen as she was convinced he was cheating on her and so I let her get on with it. It made her feel better,’ she added.

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